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A guide to understanding when working in the call center as call center representatives

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There’s a huge demand for working in call centers as customer support representatives. If someone wants to work in a call center then they should understand many things that are mentioned below-

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How does a call center work?

Before you start your career in the call center, you need to understand many things. What is the functioning of a call center? How does it offer services to the business? What are the types of call centers? Let’s understand this in a detailed manner:

A call center helps businesses in managing their customer service. It’s tough for a company to answer all customers’ calls and solve their queries. This hampers the productivity of their employees. Thus, businesses choose call centers for customer service for them.

Call centers work as a communication channel for the customers of the businesses. Customers who want to ask queries, report requests or complaints to a business can connect with the call center’s agents and executives. in call centers, customer support and service representatives work to assist customers and answer phone calls from customers who require help in addressing a specific issue.  In such a situation, a call center representative will then work to solve the customer’s problem.

The customer calls the representatives

The first step of call center functioning is the customers calling the call center representatives. In this, calls can either be made directly to the call center or through any platform.

A representative will work on the issue of customers

In the next step, the call will be transferred to the representative so that customers can talk to them about their issues. The call center representatives will have experience, good communication skills, and product knowledge to address the customer’s issues.

The call center’s representatives take follow up

Once all the details and data have been gathered, the representative will proceed with the issue to resolve it. They might also follow up to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Types of a call center in which representatives can work

A call center representative can work in different sections of customer support. These are the main types of call centers-


There’s a need for an inbound customer service representative when customers call into a business for assistance. In this type, the representative needs to be aware of all the things as the customer can ask anything related to the business. The representatives of this type of call center need to be patient with the customers as they can sometimes get angry and disappointed also.


Outbound call centers are for resolving solving customer issues if they’ve bought any product or service from the business. So, the representative needs to be familiar with the product’s details so that they can answer the queries with ease.


Another type of call center in which representatives can work is the omnichannel call center which offers additional customer support options. In this, the representative can be contacted via additional channels such as text, email, social media, and live chat.

Duties and responsibilities of a call center representative

Communicate to offer personalized solutions through the platform

The call center representatives need to be polite and friendly to offer solutions to the customers. The main duty of a customer supports professional is to attend to the calls, address them and answer them to make them completely satisfied. No matter how experienced they are, the call center representatives need to follow proper communication with the customer.

Must be aware of the company’s products and services

The call center especially the outbound ones are dedicated to solving the queries of the customers related to services and products that they have bought. Thus, the reps need to be aware of every detail so that can comprehend the customer’s issues and address them.

Call center representative’s work in Ascent BPO

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