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Why motorola router not working ?

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Motorola router not working

How To Troubleshoot ‘Motorola Router Not Connecting To Internet‘ Problem?

Motorola router is not working when is configure However, even so, there are issues that can arise in the router. If you’re experiencing issues accessing the Internet, it is best to first reset the router. This can be done by unplugging your router’s power cable and then waiting for a few minutes.

Why Motorola router not working ?

After that, plug the router back into the power outlet and wait until the lights begin flashing in the gadget. Start your computer again or in the event that the router is linked to the modem, disconnect your modem and wait a few minutes, then plug it back in. Do the same for the router. If you’re unable to solve the issue and you are unable to fix it, here’s the solution.

Problem 1 – The green power light is not on

Solution If you encounter this issue ensure that the power cord are connect in the correct way to the wall outlet, as well as the rear panel of your router.

Problem 2 – Make sure that the power supply is functioning.

Solution If the LED for standby is lit, the router has been put on standby. Click the ‘Standby’ button to reconnect to the internet.

Problem 3: Unable to transfer or receive data

Solution for motorola router login not working:If you are unable to send or receive data look at the light at the top of your panel. Also, make sure you check the coaxial cable on the router, as well as at the wall power outlets.

Also, look for your Ethernet cable, or USB to determine if it connect both to your router as well as computer, or not.

It is also possible to reset the router by removing the power cord from the router , followed by waiting some time. These all point is helpful for login into Motorola router.

Problem 4 – Receive LED blinking or is turn off

If the channel that receives signals is not working, you should check if your TV service and coaxial cable between your router and wall outlet are both connect.

Problem 5 – Send LED is off

Solution If the LED for sending is not on it means that the send channel is lost. It is important to determine whether the router has relocated to another outlet. If you also have a splitter feeding your television using the same coaxial cable as your router, take the splitter out of your mix, and then connect it directly to the router.

Problem 6 Online LED is not working or is flashing

Solution The issue is due to the fact that the router are not register with the servers on the internet. You must contact support to confirm the MAC address of your router.

Problem 7 – PC/Activity LED is off

Solution Test your Ethernet connections between your routers and your computer. If the modem you are using is linked to your Motorola hub or router then you must switch off or turn off the device by connecting the router to the computer.

Then, restart your computer to see whether the issue are resolve . If not, then consult with experts to find the best solution.

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