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WPC License: ETA Certification for Telecom Equipment Usage

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WPC License

WPC stands for Wireless Planning and Coordination. It falls under the Wing of the MCIT, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. WPC was founded in 1952 with established headquarters in the capital New Delhi. It also has Regional Offices based in Guwahati, Calcutta, and Chennai. The responsibility of WPC is the issuance of telecom WPC license certificates regarding the following:

  • Amateur Radio Licenses
  • Monitorisation & Administration of the radio frequency spectrum

In addition to these, WPC is also authorised for the ETA Certification. ETA stands for WPC Equipment Type Certification. It also includes other wireless certifications.

Purpose of ETA Approval

The ETA approval is required for the registration process of any form of radio-frequency device. Any import of such radio frequency equipment into the country requires permission from the WPC Wing. This federal agency would make sure that the network service provider shall comply with all licensing criteria. The Department of Telecommunications control the WPC wing. This wing is in charge of radio frequency testing as well as licensing requirements for wireless equipment and frequency testing.

WPC License in India

The regulatory body for the WPC federal wing in India is the DoT, the Department of Telecommunication. In India, the Ministry of Telecommunications regulates the DoT . Besides licensing, the federal agency is in charge of frequency spectrums as well as frequency spectrum monitoring. For the regulations which the WPC follows, the Indian Wireless and Indian Telegraphy Act is the principal law register. It oversees the licensing requirements for various types of telecom equipment.

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Types of WPC License

We have provided you with the list of WPC licenses that fall under DoT in the following points–

  • ETA, i.e., the Equipment Type Approval
  • simply, Type Approval
  • Experimental Approval
  • DPL, full form: Dealer Possession Licenses
  • NDPL, full form: Non-Dealer Possession Licenses
  • WPC Import Licenses for Radio Equipment

DoT Regulations of WPC License

The primary responsibility of the WPC is to grant Non-professional radio frequency licenses. It must also monitor as well as allocate the frequency spectrum to the Telcos. Here, the WPC is divided into various departments, each of which is responsible for the following functions–

  • Licensing and Issuing Regulation
  • Establishing new Technology Groups
  • SACFA committee, the Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation

Licensing and Regulation

This WPC department comes for ETA approval regulations and licensing. This part of the authority is in charge of all WPC’s regulation and licensing related works.

New Technology Group

If a new form of technology is in use, then this department is responsible for overseeing the service area in terms of processes as well as applied technology.

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Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation

The SACFA committee is in charge of handing out various radiofrequency proposals as well as recommendations linked to the ITU, i.e., the International Telecom Union.

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