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Why do Applications for Study Visas in Canada have a High Rejection Rate?

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Canada is one of the leading destination countries in the world. Studying in Canada is adventurous and amazing, but the high demand is causing multiple problems. A lot of study visa applications for Canada are rejected, and people are in awe about why applications for study visas in Canada have a high rejection rate.

In this blog, you will learn about some basic reasons for study visa application rejections. How you can avoid these problems, and if your visa is rejected, how you can now overcome this issue.

Reasons Why Application for Study Visas in Canada are Rejected from Dubai

The main reasons why the applications for study visas in Canada are rejected from Dubai these days can be:

Declining Interest in Other Study Destinations

There are many study destinations for people who want to study abroad. These study destinations’ quality is reduced to a great extent. The main reason for it is the delays in responses, lack of market value of those destinations and the declining economy of those countries. So the students opt to study in Canada, and many applications lead to the survival of the fittest.

Delay in Visa Approval and Response from Other Countries Causing Overload of Applications

Many other countries offering visas in Canada are great, but the process for studying there is slow, and the responses are also slow. The student who applies does not get an earlier response because he feels sad and wants to apply in a country that confirms the admission quicker and makes the process flowy and great. Many students go for applying in Canada, leading to many rejections.

People Lacking Financial Support

Many students are not aware of how much finances they have and how much finances they will need for studying in Canada. They apply to study at a reputable university in Canada, but they fail to prove their financial stability. Hence the application gets rejected.

Students Choose Inappropriate Program

Many students make a wrong choice of the program without even knowing that they will not be able to study a thing that they have not studied earlier. We must not change our study subjects and go for some new option, especially when we do not know whether we can study those subjects properly.

Unavailability of Letter of Acceptance

Many students do not pay attention to the fact that it is very important to attach your letter of acceptance from the university for applying for a study visa. You will not be able to complete your study visa application until you do not have a proper acceptance letter from the university stating that you have been admitted to the specified field and university. You can now proceed to the next step of visa processing.

Students Fail to Provide Language Proficiency Test

English and France are the two national languages of Canada. The Canadian government pays great attention to the fact that if you are proficient in any of those languages, you can survive easily in Canada. However, if you fail to prove that you are proficient in English and do not have a good IELTS score, your study visa application will most likely be rejected.

Most of the Applications are With Incomplete Documents

Many students fail to produce recommended and required documents about themselves. These include their passport, identity card, previous educational record, university acceptance letter, etc. Due to this, their visa application is not proper, and it gets rejected. You must consult good immigration consultants in Dubai, such as Fly High Abroad, Dubai, so they can guide you about necessary documents and how to obtain them.

No Good Application

Writing a good and convincing application is a huge task. If you write an inappropriate application, it is a high chance that it will give a very bad impression to your reader. Due to this reason, your application might get rejected, and you fail to obtain a study visa for Canada. You can also get your visa application written by a reputable consultant at Fly High Abroad Dubai so that your visa application does not get rejected.

Biometric Rejections

We recommend you submit all your visa application documents smoothly and on time. If you fail to upload the recommended documents, it is a high chance that the Canadian government will reject your visa because they have a right to do so.

No Valid Documents Proving that the Candidates Will Leave the Country Soon

The Canadian government has all the processes in control and according to the rules. Violating those rules is illegal for everyone. If you have entered the country for study purposes, you must leave the country before the expiry of that visa. If you do not leave the country, it is considered an illegal and unlawful act. Even if you have a great job opportunity in Canada immediately after or within your study visa time. You must apply for a work visa so that the government assures you are now working in Canada and not studying. Many students fail to prove that they will go back after completing their studies, and their visa gets rejected because of it.

How Can You Avoid these Rejections

You can avoid all of the visa rejection problems by religiously following these tips:

Make sure You Have All the Required Documents.

You must cross-check properly that all of your visa documents are complete and in proper order. They are recommended by the Canadian government or not.

Letter of Acceptance

You must make sure to have a letter of acceptance before you apply for a study visa. Otherwise, your visa application will be incomplete.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for Studying in Quebec

If you study in Quebec state of Canada, you must also have a CAQ as it is necessary to enter Quebec.

Do All of the Medical and English Proficiency Tests in Advance

IELTS score is acceptable if it is within the past two years. You must have a great score in your IELTS so that your visa is accepted fast. Make sure to maintain good health, so there is a lesser chance of your visa being rejected.

What to Do Now if Your Visa Was Rejected Previously? Can you apply Again?

If your visa application was rejected lastly, it does not mean that you can not apply for it again. However, you can apply for the visa again with more accurate information or by correcting the previous errors. Good study visa consultants will tell you how you can improve your study visa application and minimize errors.

If your study visa was rejected by saying that you can not apply, you must seek help regarding your shortcomings.

The two ways that can help you with your previous visa rejection are as follows:

  • You must appeal against the refusal with additional and accurate information.
  • You must visit a good immigration consultants Dubai such as Fly High Abroad.


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