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What is the career path to becoming an HR Generalist?

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What Are HR Generalist Roles And Responsibilities


An HR Generalist is mostly the first HR hire of an organization and an important profile. To start working as an HR Generalist, you would require to be able to handle a mix of administrative and strategic HR responsibilities. The question is: How to become an HR Generalist? And the very next question that might pop up in your mind is- What Are HR Generalist Roles And Responsibilities?  In this article, we will take you through the roles and responsibilities of an HR Generalist. Furthermore, we will also highlight several things you need to do to become a successful and efficient HR Generalist. Let’s find out.

What are the steps to becoming an HR Generalist?

The following are the main steps that one needs to follow to be a successful HR Generalist-

  1. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in a field such as human resources or business administration is the first step in becoming an HR Generalist.
  2. Attending job training to gain HR insights is necessary for this field. After you earn your bachelor’s degree, you can be part of some real-life job training to learn the day-to-day working in a workplace environment.
  3. You can also take some HR certification tests, such as Professional in Human Resources. Although this isn’t a mandatory step. But still, some employers prefer employees who are certified and proficient.
  4. Considering a higher education, such as a Master of Science in Human Resource Management is another important step in becoming a successful HR Generalist. So, professionals who take up a career as HR generalists choose to advance their education and seek a master’s degree.
  5. The last step in becoming a successful HE Generalist is to apply for a job. Once you have earned your education, received your certifications, and gained some real-life HR experience, you’re good to go.

What are the core responsibilities of an HR Generalist?

Let’s take into account some of the core roles and responsibilities of an HR Generalist in the section below-

  • To oversee the onboarding and training of freshly hired employees as well as coming up with performance enhancement plans for existing staff
  • To administer compensation and benefits, including assisting employees with their concerns regarding salary, leaves, healthcare, and other entitlements
  • To manage employee relations and look after employees’ complaints, issues, and other work-related grievances
  • To implement company policies, especially those connected with employee welfare, and enforce proper rules and regulations for violations
  • To process the rightful termination or exit of employees
  • To assist in the planning and organizing of a company’s hierarchy or employee structure
  • To communicate the company’s policies, announcements, guidelines, and development programs to all employees

What are the skills needed to be an efficient HR Generalist?

An HR generalist often uses the below-mentioned skills to perform their job efficiently:

  • Communicating effectively with various groups of people is a key skill for HR generalists. Thus, they can monitor their communication methods to maintain a variety of professional relationships.
  • Human resources Generalists also have an excellent track record of successfully exhibiting multiple operations within the human resource function.
  • Great organizational skills help HR generalists monitor employee information with the help of tools like payroll software, workforce analytics, and document management systems.
  • Many HR generalists make use of computers and digital technologies to execute their day-to-day job duties. Therefore, computer literacy is crucial for them when reviewing performance and evaluations of employees.
  • Lastly, creativity aids in improving organizational productivity. HR Generalists often identify new and unique ways to solve problems and enhance the onboarding process.


Thus, to conclude, we can say that a career in HR Generalist is highly satisfying and promising. Those who want to specialize can also go for its certifications. Thus, you can enroll in HR Generalist Online Training and be a part of various HR communities and forums to expand your network and learn more.

Thus, becoming a successful HR Generalist is not as easy as it appears. In fact, it is a profile that requires you to put in a lot of time, effort, and patience. There are lots of challenges also which one has to overcome during the journey. However, it is definitely a highly rewarding career one can pursue. And, especially if you’re someone who likes building relationships with people. If you have these innate skills, then this article will serve as a good base for you to decide on your journey toward a successful and fulfilling career as an HR Generalist.

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