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What color to choose for a natural home decoration?

by axeon

The benefits of nature are well known: it allows you to recharge your batteries and de-stress! Why not find this relaxing atmosphere on your way home after work? Nature invites itself into your interior in many ways and in particular through the colors you use. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, it continues to influence decorators and designers of furniture, tapestries and decorative accessories. Find now inspiring shades and shades to make a success of your decoration in the spirit of nature.


The use of green is certainly not surprising… but it is the color of nature par excellence! This shade is reminiscent of vegetation and calls for calm and rest. Just like in nature, green comes in all its forms. It is impossible for you not to find the right shade for your room. Among our favourites, pale greens such as water green, almond or pistachio green. If your preferences are for plant greens, bet on fir green, fern green or even sage green. For the more adventurous, opt for a deep green full of character. Dark greens like pine green or larch green should satisfy you. All these shades apply just as well on the walls of the living room, as the linen or the sofas.

Green is not necessarily the only color to adopt to create an interior inspired by nature. The latter is rich in colors! This shade can be used as a dominant color or in small touches in addition to other colors which will also ensure the natural and vegetal atmosphere of your room.



White likes to play with green to create contrasts that enhance your white furniture or walls. Beige and ecru are also equally interesting alternatives to reinforce the warm and luminous aspect of your interior decoration.


Gray and green combine harmoniously to offer a zen atmosphere to your interior. The whole mineral palette of gray can be deployed, from pebble gray to charcoal grey, a shade close to black that will bring a refined touch to your interior.



Earthy colors, such as brown and taupe, bring timeless nuances and recall the earth or even the bark of trees. These colors invite themselves on the walls as well as on the furniture and the floor. Combined with a few acid colors, they will enhance your interior.


Pastel colors ensure a spring atmosphere in your room. Whether you opt for a pastel yellow or a powder pink, the combination of these shades with green or other natural colors such as brown is irresistible. This association offers a lively and spring-like interior. To reinforce the natural spirit, do not hesitate to arrange different green plants in the room.


Warm colors have their place in a natural decor. But be careful not to choose a shade that is too garish! Instead, opt for light and soft shades. Among our favorite shades are terracotta or brick that will warm up the atmosphere. For an even sunnier decor, expand the palette to yellow. The saffron shade is one of the must-haves! Whatever your choice, all these warm colors will go just as well with a wooden coffee table, for example, or a leather armchair for a 100% natural feel.


In addition to the choice of color, the patterns can also inject a natural look into your decor. With a tropical, floral, even animal spirit, they are very trendy and are everywhere in the house. From wallpaper, to cushions, frames and other decorative accessories, with them, no one can resist the call of nature.


To reinforce the naturalness and authenticity of its decoration, one of the essential materials to favor is undoubtedly wood! Prefer light or medium shades to too dark to bring more brightness to your room. Through the furniture or even the floor covering, this material clearly invites nature into your home!

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