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What are the core relational conditions during divorce counseling?

by venuscounselling01
relational conditions during divorce counseling

The word “Divorce” carries very mixed & unusual feelings when we hear such a word. Now day Divorce is the word commonly used by most couples facing lots of marital issues in their day-to-day life. Divorce in other words can say is a way of takings one’s social financial as well as emotional duties back in a legal way & getting free from their major duty.

In India, most marriages are carried out by couples further because of their children or due to families as they have to give reasonable answers to them behind taking such a massive decision. Many times it has been seen that taking your unrealistic & unwanted marriage further due to such family pressures can lead to or take a furious & disastrous form in a couple’s life. 

We are living in a society where today no one has much time to carry forward the burden of stressful relationship & might take quick decisions to get away from it, but not every case as they are same, many times couples even wants to save their married life as well as their relationship & searching for help if they can get from inside the family or outside. Sometimes they get good advice or sometimes they get misdirected as many are also who try to manipulate to take some good advantages from both the couples.

Here we suggest always getting your problems solved & advice from people who are professional to such queries & have a history of solving such divorce counselling cases in a positive note.

Importance of Divorce Counseling –  

  • Struggling with each other & fighting on small to big massive matters will never lead one person to reach their basic goal, that is why suggested to consider a professional divorce counselor for help.
  • It is always said that many times couples may say the same things but as they have decided not to make understand each other due to their disputes if another person who is specialist in making people understand about their point of view may help couples.
  • The divorce counselors are specialized & hold certified degrees in taking counseling for couples & are well educated on how to handle the disputes of couples.
  • Divorce counselors help to identify the basic reasons behind taking divorced couples. 

There can be many more points that we can discuss if we go for the importance of divorce counseling, but here the major point to discuss is the co-relational conditions seen during Divorce Counseling. First, let’s understand what the word Co relational conditions stands for in the case of Divorce Consoling. 

Meaning of Co relational Conditions in Divorce Counseling –

 relational conditions during divorce counseling

It is very obvious that to open up with someone we all need that time span where we can build that trust in which we can see whether we can share our most important issues with them or even our life secrets or not. And to build that bond efforts need to be seen from both ends. It is very important for any therapist or counselor to make that co-relational bond with their clients so that they are able to feel comfort & be in that zone where they can share their most hidden thoughts ideas & secrets with them. It is very important for them to do so as because with communication & sharing details one can help others in finding the right & correct ways to solve their massive issues with their partner.  

Co-relational Conditional –

Below are some of the major co-relational points discussed as required for developing healthy relationships between counselor & client.

  • Empathic – This word “ Empathy” stands for making yourself feel about others feeling or you can say putting yourself in others’ shoes. This can be the most important part while doing divorce counseling as if you can feel the pain your client in which he / is going through it will make both of you be more connected & understandable. 
  • Congruence – What best we can explain this word “Congruence “will be Harmony or you can say Compatibility. The most required part of any discussion or therapy. The counselor’s genuine & real approach toward clients can make them feel valued, which is another important part of their co-relational binding.
  • Unconditional Positive regards – Unconditional positive regard (UPR) is another important valuable form to make clients feel free to discuss their issues without being judged or criticized. 

Although, in our own life we feel been more comfortable if we are more understood & less judged by others & feel completely worthless if someone asks such questions as “ why so you did do this ? “ or “ Do you think this the right way to be adopted to handle such situation? “….. Well, those who practice or are specialized in such a profession always need to work on all the required above co-relational conditions while dealing with Divorce Counseling.

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