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What Are China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees

China Southern Airlines Baggage

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What Are China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees

What Are China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees

China Southern Airlines is one of the most renowned airlines in China. They, like very other airlines, have their baggage policy. The Airlines has put this regulation in place for your safety and comfort. The model of very aircraft varies, so the airline needs to make sure that the luggage you have fits the cargo and cabin without hampering the flight. They don’t want you to end up in any dangerous situations. The flight being overweight can compromise your site. So as their passenger, it is advisable to stick to the baggage size and measurement limits stated by them. Here is everything that you need to know about China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees.

China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees

The baggage policy of China Southern Airlines is pretty standard and generous. You will get to carry everything you need on the journey and after that. While formulating the rules, the authorities have to pay attention to the storage space in each class, the measurements of the overhead bins, the technical capacities of the flight, the number of passengers, etc., into account. So respecting their baggage regulations is your duty; if you can’t help with the size or weight of your bag, you have to pay an extra baggage fee.


  • Thor baggage allowance is very transparent and easy to follow.
  • If you are an economy class or first class passenger, you get to check-in two pieces of luggage. One of them has to weigh a maximum of 32 kg and the other 23 kg.
  • If you are in first class, you are allowed to carry bags, each weighing not more than 32 kg.
  • Your check-in baggage cannot measure more than 78 inches in size, including the wheels and the handle.
  • For carry-on luggage as an economy Passenger you can carry on hand luggage. As a first-class passenger, you can have two hand luggage.
  • The hand luggage should not weigh more than 5kgs and should b small enough to fit the overhead locker.
  • You can also carry a personal item like a pouch or purse in the cabin.
  • The fees for oversized and overweight baggage vary from route to route. If you are flying on the European route, you will get subjected to one rate . Somebody flying in the American route will have to abide by a different fee rate.

So if you are not willing to pay any extra fee, you should measure and weigh your baggage before heading off to th airport. Try not to pack in any unnecessary things. Your cooperation will enhance your experience and make things easier for the airline staff too. So now you know all the answers to your question What Are China Southern Airlines Baggage Fees?

How much kg for baggage china southern airlines

The amount of baggage, the size, and the weight limits that you have to follow do primarily on the class you are traveling in. That is because each class of an airline is built differently and has different storage spaces. If you are flying in economy, you will get the last amount of storage space. However, if you have spent a lot of money on business class or first class, you will get what you paid for. They come with more storage space, baggage allowance, and many other such facilities. Here are some details about the baggage weight and size limits of China Southern Airlines.


  • For in-cabin luggage as an economy Passenger you can have in-cabin luggage with one personal item like a laptop bag etc. Your bag cannot weigh more than 7kg.
  • If you are in First Class, you get to carry two – cab8in luggage and on a personal item.
  • For check in baggage too, as an economy passenger, you can have two check -in luggage. One should weigh a maximum of 23 kg, and another should be at most 32 kg.
  • First Class customers have a privilege. They can have three check-in baggage. They cannot exceed 32 kg.
  • The bags should measure at most 78 inches.
  • Items like jackets, strollers, garment bags, etc. are not considered as check -or hand luggage.

China Southern Airlines gives a lot of baggage allowance even to their economy passengers if compared to the rest of the market. So it would help if you also tried to respect their generosity and stick to the baggage weight and limits set by them. Having too much luggage will make your journey more troubling and tiresome either way. So your queries about how much kg for baggage china southern airlines allows is cleared.

What is the baggage weight limit for china southern airlines?

The baggage weight limit for China Airlines is quite high. The allowance does depend on the class you are traveling in. If you are willing to pay for First Class, you will get all the facilities for the amount you have paid. As an economy passenger, you will get the basic fasciitis in baggage allowance.


  • As an economy passenger, you can carry two bags for check-in luggage free of cost. Weighing no more than 32 kgs and 23 kgs, respectively.
  • If you are traveling by First Class, you can carry the check-in luggage. Each, not weighing more than 32 kgs.
  • Items like duty items, strollers, and jackets r not con sided as baggage.
  • You can also carry on a personal item. It has to fit the area under your seat.
  • For cabin luggage too, you can carry on hand luggage in the economy Cabin. In the First class, you can carry two hand luggage. For the former, your cabin luggage should fit in the overhead bin and weigh at most 7kgs.
  • The check-in luggage should b bigger than 78 inches.
  • If you cross the weight and size limit, you will have to pay an extra fee. The f will depend on the route you are traveling in.

So now you know everything about what is the baggage weight limit for southern China airlines. If you are planning to fly with them, try to stick to the regulations.

China southern airlines baggage allowance kg

China Southern Airline provides you with a lot of room to carry whatever you need without worrying about excess f. China Airlines have some special programs. This offers special fasciitis to special customers. So as a passenger, it would help if you respected the rules of the airline. The only the staff will b able to give you the top-notch experience you are expecting from them. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today!



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