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Vastu Consultant

 Vastu Consultant in Delhi True Vastu is a trusted and professionally qualified platform, and has talented Vastu experts and researchers in planning and interior designing. 24+ yrs Experience, 96000+ Happy Clients, Best Astrologer Online in Delhi, 24×7 Service Available and All Across The World. Best Vastu Consultancy. 

The main aim of True Vastu Blogger is to spread Knowledge and make people aware though our Blogs. 

True Vastu provides proper and accurate guidance and Vastu services all over India on the scientific and Vedic knowledge of the Indian Vastu Shastra.

As the (Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi) Vastu Experts (Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi), we specialize in Vastu for residential, Vastu for commercial, Vastu for industrial. It also helps in  Vastu for interior design, Vastu for muhurat, Vastu for financial gains, Vastu for child growth, Vastu for a happy relationship, Vastu for good health, Vastu for maternity and paternity. Best Astrology consultancy for Horoscope analysis,  Numerology consultancy for nam, lucky name numerology analysis, Palmistry consultancy.

Building layout and planning is all about Vastu, an ancient Indian Vedic science developed by ancient Indian saints and rishis.

  Vastu is all about “HOUSE” or dwelling place. 

  • Bhoomi: Means extend of land or plot.
  • Prasada: This means the walls and the compound built within the Bhoomi. 
  • YAANA: Means the “Chariots” / Vehicles parked within site (Bhoomi). 
  • SHAYANA: It includes all the Furniture in the building or the utensils (Prasada). 

Vastu shastra is a customary Indian science of architecture.

Even though we as a whole have been introduced to Vastu Shastra in the past few years, the majority of us are not exactly certain what it actually is and why it is so important (why it is essential)?

The reason for this is to incorporate design with nature for peaceful living. It works around the center components of focal space, fringe zones, bearings, sub-headings regarding daylight, and relative elements of the rooms. (Vastu Shastra, in a real sense, means the study of engineering, and it portrays the standards of plan, format, estimation, ground planning, space course of action, and spatial math). 

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For a house to turn into a home, it needs to ooze positive energy. As per a couple of famous conventional convictions, each home has its energy vibrations. And these vibrations impact individuals are dwelling in those houses, either decidedly or contrarily. 


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