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Users Queries: PTMT Fittings in India

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Users Queries PTMT Fittings in India

Are PTMT taps durable?

The material PTMT is a modern plastic that is so adaptable that it has replaced other materials as the best and most affordable option for making faucets and fittings. Since the material is made of plastic polymer, it is supposed to last for a long period when utilised properly and with little maintenance.

Where can I get the best PTMT taps online in bulk?

PTMT Taps can be ordered online in bulk from Ruhe. Ruhe is one of India’s leading manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom fittings and has recently launched its PTMT collection with a variety of products, colors and designs. The entire range of PTMT fittings ins available online on their website with reasonable prices, free shipping and easy returns policy.

Are PTMT taps good for geyser fittings?

It is advised that while using hot water, you should always choose brass or steel fittings. Even though they are made of a tough material, PTMT connection pipes have been proven to withstand extremely hot water and are suitable for use with geyser connections.

What kind of PTMT fittings can I get installed in my home?

PTMT fittings include connection pipes for geysers, dishwashers, basins, flush cisterns etc., faucets like the swan neck swivel spout and the sink cock with swivel spout can be installed in kitchen sink areas, bib taps and pillar taps can be installed in garden areas, toilet seat areas, washing areas, etc. The PTMT material is a versatile one with the new classy designs available in the market, they are increasingly becoming popular in every household.

Do PTMT fittings function in outdoor areas?

Yes. PTMT fittings are tested to endure extreme temperatures, be it if water or the changing weather. The high temperatures during summer have null effect on the fitting and faucets body. They do not melt, peel rot or crack under high heat exposure. In addition to this, PTMT fittings are priced very reasonably due to their inexpensive raw material. Therefore, it is safe to install them outdoors without any worries of these fittings getting stolen.

Should I go with the PTMT taps instead of brass taps?

This choice completely depends on the kind of décor and aesthetic you have. The space decides the kind of faucets or water taps you wish to install. The brass faucets and the PTMT faucets from Ruhe have a similar built when it comes to its interiors. The exterior is all about the style and design. Brass taps are heavier and are known to last long, but PTMT taps also have a long-lasting durability.

What are the top brands for PTMT taps in India?

The top brands for PTMT taps in India are Ruhe, LIPKA, Prayag, Estylo and many more. However, brands like Ruhe provide all their products online on their user-friendly website. There are deals and discounts throughout seasons and has easy return policies.

Is there any manufacturer of PTMT fittings in India?

Yes, Ruhe is one of the leading manufacturers of PTMT fittings in India. The brand manufactures PTMT Fittings like bib taps, pillar taps, angle valves, swan neck with swivel taps, connection pipes, ball cocks, bottle traps, jet sprays, and many more things.

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