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Ultimate Guide for Finding Bad & Good Backlinks

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Here is how you may sort your backlinks to make things easier for you now that you are more knowledgeable about the metrics you can use to judge the quality of your backlinks.

The “New filter” button will appear above your links list.You have the option of using one filter or many at once. I advise utilising the following filters, both alone and in combination.

Select Only Dofollow Backlinks To Display

We only need to look at backlinks that are dofollow since we are interested in discovering the links that are affecting SEO service .Select to only see links that have the status “followed.”

The faults on the website manifested themselves in a variety of different ways, including broken links, missing pages, 404 errors, inappropriate redirection, and so on. You can have it fixed by making use of the search engine optimization services that are available online from Qdexi Technology. This will help you save time and money in the long run.

Verify Backlinks from Domain Authority-Poor Websites

One of the most crucial indicators to employ to identify poor connections is domain authority. You may arrange your links to only see inbound links from domains with a Domain Authority below 20. You may scrutinise those with a Domain Authority lower than 20 if you want to be particular.

  • Links with a poor Flow of Trust: Links having a Trust Flow below 20 or 30 should also be sorted.
  • Order links based on spam score: You may even order the backlinks by their Spam Score if you want to be really careful, albeit you run the risk of missing some of your problematic links. I advise looking at the backlinks with a Spam Score greater than 3.
  • Order links by how many external connections they include: The backlinks from sites with a lot of external connections should ideally be checked. You must use this filter by yourself.

Sort Backlinks Based On Index Status

You may filter your links based on their index status to see whether you have backlinks from domains that Google eliminated from its search results. Selecting this option will show links from websites that Google has not yet indexed.

Use each of the other criteria separately to identify problematic backlinks. You’ll get a list of the backlinks that may be damaging after you’ve sorted the hyperlinks to your website. As I said above, not all of these connections are inherently negative. However, there is a strong likelihood that they are low-quality backlinks if all of their metrics support this.

Examine the Distribution of Anchor Texts

The most frequently used anchor texts for your links are shown on the Link Analysis page. Not paying attention to the anchor texts of their links is a typical error made by SEOs. You risk receiving a Google Penguin Penalty if your backlinks contain too optimised anchor texts and the connections don’t appear natural.

Make sure your backlink profile seems natural and that your brand name and website address are utilised as your primary anchor texts.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) is a time-consuming procedure, it ultimately offers the greatest results, therefore it is well worth the effort. Both on-page and off-page SEO tactics should be used into an effective SEO service in India. Nevertheless, according to the most current research, there is a vast number of websites that are either unaware of the technical SEO or are having difficulties with it. If you work in digital marketing, you should be aware of the fact that no website can function without a solid backbone, and that the technical SEO is what makes up that backbone. If you don’t use online technical SEO services, your website will be obsolete much more quickly than you could imagine.


Each potentially harmful relationship should be examined separately to determine if it is beneficial or negative. After removing the offending backlink, you must next file a disavow report.

Be warned that disavowing and deleting your quality backlinks may hurt your SEO. We have a team of professionals that can assist you in identifying your worst backlinks if you believe this is out of your control and you don’t want to take the chance of making a mistaken disavowing.

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