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Types of Metal Fencing in New York

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Fencing company Dundee, Chinese immigrants brought with them an affinity for stainless steel and used it to create metal fences. As a result, shops that fabricated fences in Queens and Brooklyn soon opened and New Yorkers of all backgrounds began installing them. This trend has continued to this day. Learn more about the different types of metal fencing available today.


Hollow-steel metal fencing is an affordable option that offers superior durability. Compared to wood, hollow-steel metal fencing is easier to maintain and can last for years. The basic material is steel, a composite of iron and carbon. Modern tubular steel metal fencing has coatings that prevent rust. If the coating is damaged or scratched, a rust-inhibiting metal primer can be applied. Once this is done, it’s best to apply a paint that matches the color of the rest of the fence.

There are many benefits to hollow-steel metal fencing, and you can choose from a variety of styles and designs. For example, you can have a flat top fence panel with a matching handrail, or a picket top fence panel with pickets that extend beyond the top rail, making it more difficult for children to climb. You can also choose a finial for the top of your fence. There are many styles available, including a ball, fleur-de-lis, and simple press-point finials.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel metal fencing is a popular choice for single-family homes, churches, and doctors’ offices. Its popularity has paralleled the growth of Asian American populations in New York City. Fencing company Dundee, According to the Office of Immigrant Affairs, Asian immigrants have become the fastest growing racial group in the city, growing from seventy-five thousand in 2004 to eighty-five thousand in 2019. Many immigrants hail from Queens. These immigrants brought an affinity for stainless steel and the steel fence industry began to boom.

Aside from being affordable, steel fences are also highly durable. Steel fences can easily last up to 25 years or more, and they usually don’t need much maintenance. They are also less likely to rust and are resistant to weather and fire. If your fence starts to corrode or become damaged, it is easy to restore it with the help of a professional.

Chain link

Installing chain link fencing requires several steps and careful attention to details. Fencing company Dundee, Although chain link fences are lightweight, they do require concrete posts to be placed in the ground. These posts must be positioned at equal distances and must be securely anchored in the ground. The next step is to knuckle or clip the chain link mesh to the posts.

Chain link fencing is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. Depending on the type of fence and its design, the costs will vary. However, this type of fencing is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a cheap fence that is durable and low-maintenance.


Aluminum fencing is lightweight and durable. It is made from the element aluminium, which makes it easy to maintain. Moreover, it is incredibly resistant to rusting. In fact, it is highly recommended for homes and businesses.

Metal fencing Dundee, This type of fence is incredibly popular with homeowners who want to separate their properties from the rest of the world.

Aluminum fences are also highly flexible, meaning that they can be customized to fit almost any landscape. They can also be made to open up to provide more space and can even be designed to blend in with other parts of the property.

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