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Travis Scott Festival Tragedy: How Crowd Surge Can Be Deadly

by freddiesteward
Travis Scott Festival Tragedy How Crowd Surge Can Be Deadly

Every now and then, a lot of events are happening around the globe. A lot of the public attend these events. There are chances that a crowd surge may happen in such events.

It is a situation in an even when a large group of people starts moving in a specific direction. When they start moving in this way, it is hard to stop them. In such a chaotic situation, people may find it difficult to escape.

There are a lot of people who are forcing the movement. So these forces will make the situation even worse. Such events may happen in the concert. The impacts of crowd surge can be fatal. It may lead to killing the people.

Apart from this, a lot of people may be injured. This article aims to discuss crowd surge and how it can be deadly. Apart from this, it will also discuss how organizers can prevent it. So, let’s discuss in detail:

How Can Crowd Surge Be Deadly?

Crowd Surge

As mentioned earlier, crowd surge can be fatal. A lot of people may die and get injured. The impacts of crowd surge will be even worse when people fail to get enough oxygen. In a situation like asthma, people may have a cardiac arrest.

These are the major reasons that make crowd surge deadly. On 5th November, rapper Travis Scott attended the Astroworld Festival. There was a huge crowd. People at the back started pushing people, and as a result, a crowd surge happened.

It was so worse that people were struggling to breathe. In the next few minutes, people started panicking and surge started. People wanted to leave the concert, but it was not that much easy.

As a result of the surge, eight people died, and several got injured. Many people are still in critical conditions, and it may increase the number of dead.

In December 1979, a crowd surge happened in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the concert of a British band, The Who. In this event, 11 people died, and eight people got injured. Apart from this, several attendees sustained minor injuries.

The reason behind this surge was thousands of fans who were trying to get into the arena. It was an arena for 17,000 people, and gates opened at 7 pm. Thousands of the fans tried to get into the arena as they first threw the bottle from the window. Then they started pushing through the hole, and it was the time when the surge started.

The public got panicked, and as a result, it turned into a deadly surge. On 15th April 1989, a crowd surge happened in Hillsborough, England. It was a football match between Liverpool and Nottingham.

The football stadium had a capacity of 53000 people. Fans from both sides bought the tickets. But Liverpool fans were in the smaller section of the stadium. As a result of this, a surge took place, and 11 people died. A lot of fans got injured, too, in this surge.

How Can Organizers Prevent Crowd Surge?

According to a masters dissertation help firm, crowd surge is not a new term. It has been happening for ages, and organizers should take serious measures. These will help them to stop the causalities and other injuries.

Apart from this, it will help them to make an event successful. Here are a few of the tips that can help the organizers to avoid crowd surges.

Role of Light Effects:

The very first measure that can help to avoid crowd surges is the lightning effects. Organizers should turn the lights up and play music at a slow tempo. It will help them to control the crowd.

It is important to note that it has a positive relation between crowd and music. Music and light play an important role to know the psychology of the audience. Heavy-metal German band Rammstein can control the aggressive crowd.

In 2011, the band was performing in the Sydney and organizers put on a pyrotechnic display. It helped them to shift and control the mood swings of the public.

On-ground Security:

On-ground security is another suggestion for controlling the crowd. The organizers should make sure to hire the best security staff for their events. They can help them to prevent any such issues. Apart from this, they can roam in the crowd.

When they see anything unusual, they can inform the organizers. It will also help them to control the situation before it gets worse. It will help the organizers to ensure the safety of the crowd. Apart from this, it will help them to make the event successful.

The layout and design of the event venue will also play an important role. If they are familiar with the venue, they will work more efficiently.

Role of Organizers:

The role of organizers also plays a vital role in the success of an event. If they are serious about their reputation, they will take some serious steps. They will consider every possible option for their event.

They should make sure how they can handle such situations. They should make sure that there are emergency exits for such kinds of situations. Apart from this, they can educate the crowd too.

They can tell them to avoid creating such situations. They can guide them on how to act in such situations.


A crowd surge is a situation where a large group of people start moving in a specific direction. It has been happening for ages. In recent times, it happened in Travis Scott Festival. In this event, almost eight people died, and several got injured.

Apart from this, many people are still in critical condition. This article discussed the intensity of crowd surge with several examples. It also discussed the casualties and injuries. It also discussed how organizers could prevent such situations.

They should consider lightning effects to control the public. They should make sure of the availability of on-ground security staff. They should not forget their part too for educating the crowd. All these things will help them to prevent the crowd surge.

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