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Did you know the most popular month to initiate the move across the UK in July and August? In fact, services related to man and van in Northampton substantially increases in the month of July and August. If you are planning to move in this season, it is important to make a game plan for your belongings, especially the fragile ones.

The best bet can be put on house clearance in Northampton as there’s a reason why professionals are in the market. Letting experts do the packing can minimize half of your moving hassle? Although everyone hopes to see their belongings in the best state possible, at times, no matter how carefully you have packed your keepsakes, some unexpected situations occur and issues arise during the relocation process.

What to do in such a situation? Well, you look for replacement items and mourn the loss of your fragile essentials. Not anymore! Getting information about the most fragile items from the revivalist themselves; about the items that may get broken during the shifting can help reduce the risk of damage. Therefore, bringing to you the compiled list of the most breakable items (during the transit) together with the moving tips on ways to secure them.

Let’s get started!


Of course! Glass items top the list, without any second thought. The delicacy of glass combined with different shapes and sizes can make glassware items particularly complicated to pack carefully. While glass seems like an obvious item to feature on this list, many people still make mistakes with packing glassware, due to the lack of the right packing material.

Besides calling professionals to help you in the process, try not to overpack your boxes. Too many glasses in one box can certainly lead to damage, or the glass knocking each other within the box during the transit. Use bubble wrap, and get some high-quality boxes, preferably with dividers to prevent glass interaction. Avoid packing more than 4 kg in a box.


The biggest mistake people often make is to place plates in boxes without enough packing paper. The crockery shouldn’t knock each other inside a box. Delicate plates and fragile mugs with tricky handles are all susceptible to chipping, scratches, or worst, shattering during the journey.

Having said that, wrap each plate in quality packing paper. Repeat the packing process at least up to five times with more packing paper until the plate is cushioned and secured from the damage. Use as much tape as you can on the bottom as well as on the top of each moving box. Also, put on multiple strips in both directions to ensure the security of the box. Lastly, don’t forget to label the box as “CROCKERY”.


Art is not limited to shapes and sizes, meaning there is no one size fits all approach follows to packing when it comes to art. Due to their delicate nature, however, art is considered one of the most commonly damaged items while transiting.

Try to use a picture box for artwork and line the bottom with the help of crumpled paper. Now, securely place the glass art in the box. Stuff the front, back, and top with the eco-bubble wrap.


Once you unboxed your computer, printer, TV, or any other electronic devices, you simply sent the boxes and cardboard boxes to the recycling. This is where you went wrong as these are the boxes you need to preserve in the store room. No doubt, the electronics are heavy, awkward in shapes and sizes, and delicate enough to get broken. Having the original packing, however, can lessen the damage.

If you don’t have the original boxes, must invest in quality packaging material like shrink wrap, big cardboard boxes, and inflatable plastic bags to secure the electronics and avoid any damage.

Hire a Professional Removals in Northampton

Opting for professional assistance will certainly help you in securing your costly belongings and keepsakes from getting damaged. Do your homework before hiring the professionals, there are many removals in Northampton that can provide you with the best rates and transport to transit your items.

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