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Top Car Horn Brands in India

by triptirajput
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It is mandatory to have a powerful horn installed in your car by one of the best car horn brands. Car horns help you send traffic messages to your fellow drivers while driving. Whether trying to reach your work on time or delivering something urgent to someone, getting stuck in traffic without a horn could be a nightmare. Without a good horn, you will not be able to overcome the bottleneck traffic.

But choosing a car horn is not easy, especially with various brands manufacturing quality car horns. Before purchasing a car horn, you need to provide special attention to the kind of sound that it emits. This will help you be careful, so your car horn doesn’t annoy your fellow pedestrians while it should be prominently heard. You can choose from brands such as Bosch horns, roots horns, UNO Minda horns and many more.

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Best Car Horn Brands In India:

Below is a list of some of the best brands of car horns that you should consider considering if you own a vehicle.


You might have heard about the company’s renown for producing various car accessories and products. Not only car, but the Bosch Group is an internationally acknowledged brand offering accessories and spare parts for all kinds of vehicles. A car horn is not an exception to their list. Choose the best Bosch car horn by looking at the product description or specifications.


The company has gained recognition as the largest manufacturer of automobile horns worldwide. The company specialises in designing o quality horns that are durable and comes with a good-quality diaphragm. This makes it ideal for any vehicle, whether a bike or a car. If you are looking for the best car horn that offers quality with affordability, Roots is your one-stop solution.

UNO Minda:

A similar renowned company that has acquired trusted global customers is UNO Minda. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector. The company is best known for manufacturing innovative products that offer maximum efficiency, durability and value for money. 


Super Horn House is well-known for manufacturing a premium line of automotive horns for various vehicles. Super horns are the best option if you are looking for quality products at affordable rates that will not break the bank. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, the company has the best quality horn for every car.

Geomex :

This super affordable car horn brand manufactures good quality and durable horns. The company offers high-quality sound and durable horns for all kinds of vehicles, be it two-wheeler, three-wheeler or four-wheeler. Choose the product that will go well with the model of your car and ensure the utmost safety during your ride.

Things That You Need To Consider To Choose The Best Horn For Your Vehicle:

While investing in a car horn, you need to make sure you put your money into the best quality horn that suits your vehicle perfectly. Below are the qualities that will help you to choose the best one.

Sound Quality:

This is the first thing you need to check while buying a horn for your vehicle. The best horn should emit a kind of sound that would not startle your fellow drivers while at the same time making them aware of your presence. 

Good Volume:

Check the volume level of the horn that you are choosing. If you are selecting a product from an online platform, don’t forget to find sound samples that give you an impression of the horn’s quality. Also, check if the horn’s volume is in your area’s permissible horn volume.

Size of the Horn:

Consider checking the size of the horn before making your final purchase decision. It should have a compact size that will offer ease of installation. If the horn size is too large for your vehicle, it would require some modification, increasing the cost. Therefore it’s best to choose a small and compact size.

Product Durability:

Replacing car horns twice or thrice a year would get heavy on your budget. Therefore it would be wise to go for renowned brands and check their warranty period so that you get free replacement or repair if it malfunctions within the period of the warranty.


Before purchasing anything, customers always have a set budget. Look for products within that range. Please don’t go for cheap products as they will need frequent replacements.

Final Thoughts:

Choose among some of the best quality horns manufactured by renowned car horn brands at CarOrbis. The online platform offers a varied collection of car horns and any vehicle accessories and products you need. Place your order online to receive attractive benefits like free doorstep delivery, free shipping and easy return policies on every purchase.

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