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Top Attractions In California

by skywayfaress

Are you looking for a perfect place to take your kid to have a fun long weekend? Have you been searching for an adventurous holiday spot in the States? In that case, we recommend California!

It is a country with vibrant cities, gorgeous beaches, fun amusement parks, and a lot more for your family to explore. From kids’ favorite Disneyland to Death Valley for adventurous people, California has it all. So, make your Allegiant Airlines Booking already and head to the place to have the time of your lifetime. 

This beautiful state is majorly loved by the locals and the tourists for the gorgeous views and backdrops it offers. Mountains hugging the sky, forests at their most luscious selves, and beaches with sparkling water and snow-like sand, California is the perfect getaway for you. 

This post is a list of the top 5 places you can’t miss in California. 

The Golden Gate Bridge

Worldwide famous, the Golden Gate Bridge tops the list of every visitor of California. The bridge came into existence in 1933, and ever since, over a billion tourists have come and soaked its beauty in. One of the prettiest cities in the States, San Francisco,  is home to this bridge. The lit-up orange frame makes the perfect contrast with the clear, blue water. Take a walk, bring your car out, or rent a bike and appreciate the fantastic views of and around the bridge. Make sure you visit other attractions in the city while you are here. 

Disneyland Park

No matter how old you are, Disneyland park will bring out the inner child in you. Expect to bring out the various Disney characters to live, out of your television screen, when you are here. With the amazing rides, theme parties, and shows out of your favorite Disney movie, your kids will never want to go home. Also, enjoy the various sweets, candies, and treats, while you experience the happiest time of your life. 

Death Valley

Let’s give a turn to your trip and head to the Death Valley in the state. Just like the name suggests, this valley seems like everything is dead here and yet has so much life to live. Here in Death Valley, you will be astonished to find colorful rocks all around. Along with that, you will encounter the Titon canyon, sand dunes, and get chilly feels in the Rhyolite’s eerie ghost town.

Big Sur

For the hikers, Big Sur is no less than a dream come true. Scenic beauty straight out of a postcard, Big Sur is the most astounding stretch of California. You can hike up the various treks, camp at one of the stops, or arrange a picnic for your kids. Big Sur will defii=nitely bring you a lot closer to the natural beauty this world holds, that people living in cities have completely forgotten about. A surprising fact that will make you visit this place more is that Jack Kerouac, America’s most famous writer, ended his road trip right here. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a natural beauty like no place else in the world. This national park is known to the world because of the special range of spine trees that exists nowhere else. Many tourists come here every year not just to get a glimpse of these trees but also to have fun at the various cafes, bars, and markets that the locals have set up over the years. 


California is one of the most visited and gorgeous tourist destinations in the States. With something to offer to its guests of every age, it holds major tourism of the US. Be one of them and make your Southwest Airlines Booking and take in the experience and see what awaits you. 


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