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Top 9 Installation Accessories Important for Every Bathroom

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Every bathroom has bathroom fittings that require certain installation equipment or installation accessories through which they are fixed, hanged, or mounted in their designated place. These installation accessories are important but are usually overlooked. It is crucial that you know about these installation accessories so that your bathroom fittings are affixed properly and last longer.

Here are the top 9 installation accessories you will find in every bathroom!

  1. Basin Waste Coupling

The vanity area in the bathrooms has a countertop or wall-mounted wash basin. These Bains have a coupling or a small drainer in the centre through which the water is drained out. This coupling is connected to the wastewater pipe underneath the basin. They are a part and parcel of every wash basin.

  1. Bottle trap

The bottle trap is a small vessel-like structure attached to the waste pipe that carries the water from the washbasins. The bottle traps are essentially installed to prevent odour and insects from entering and polluting the bathroom atmosphere through the coupling.

  1. Braided connection pipe

The stainless steel braided connection pipes are usually accompanied by the single lever basin faucet. These connection pipes transport hot and cold water to the faucet. These pipes can also be used for geyser connections.

  1. Flanges

Flanges are small plate-like structures that are mounted against the wall at the rear end of the fixtures, mainly faucets to provide them extra support.

  1. Grab Bar

LIPKA Grab bras have become essential in households these days as they are of great assistance for people of old age, people with post-surgery pain, or differently-abled people. These are installed next to the toilet seat area and act as a support for sitting on and standing from the toilet seat.

  1. Rag Bolt

A lot of households have traditional wall-mount washbasins. The rag bolts are specially designed to hold these wash basins in place. They are sturdy and tough and have a good load-bearing capacity.

  1. Extension Nipple/Hex Nipple

A brass or stainless steel allied item called an extension nipple has an exterior threaded part on one end and an interior thread on the other. When attaching internal elbow joints to exterior faucets and taps via substantial layers of concrete or tiles, when the extended length is needed, the extension nipple is useful.

  1. Tee/ Elbow/ Socket

Tees are tough and simple-to-install tee fittings that are frequently used to connect 3 pipes. That has the same diameter in a way that distributes water in two directions. Elbows are allied items used to change the direction of the pipe either to 45 or 90 degrees. Sockets are used to connect two pipes with the same diameter.

  1. Ball Cock (Used in Flush Cisterns)

The ball cock is a ball-like structure which is installed in the flush tanks or flush cisterns attached to your toilet seats. They help in directing all the water into the commode once the flush switch is pulled.

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