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Top 5 Attractions in Guayaquil

by Pshira

Best Attractions in Guayaquil

Travelling can be more fun if you get acquainted with the history, culture, and the city’s tour gateway. Trip to the islands or just hop into Guayaquil to explore this city.

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  • Malecon 2000

This place in the Guayaquil is the most attractive one just like many “malecons” in South America. While walking along this riverfront path, you will find the perfect thing to do. Come to this place in Guayaquil to explore the historic monuments, restaurants, gardens, outdoor concerts, a shopping mall, and even an iMax theatre.

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  1. Parque Historico Guayaquil

Visit this unique park in the city that honors all of the things. The park also represents Guayaquil’s history- past and present. The park is divided into three zones that are wildlife, traditions, and urban. At this place, you get a glimpse of how the different elements interact. Have a pleasurable time here in the wildlife zone. Enjoy sightseeing 45 species of birds, animals, and reptiles in their natural habitat. 

  1. Las Penas

Las Penas is a wonderful place to visit that is often claimed as a visitor’s favorite thing to do in the city. At this place, you can see the restored multicolored homes, 360-degree views of the city, and great bars and restaurants lining the path. When you reach the top, you can climb 444 steps though this can be a challenge for some. However, you can take your time, and stop along the way, and you’ll be glad you didn’t miss this gem. 

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  1. Numa Pompilio Llona

When you are in the north of Guayaquil, then visit this historical little street. Along with this, you can also explore the former presidents’ homes, art galleries, and craft shops. This street is full of subtle signs indicating which were the residences of past presidents. Don’t forget to admire the beautifully preserved architecture along the cute windy road.

  1. Parque Bolivar 

Thinking of some historical place to visit, then visit the Parque Bolivar. This site is located in the heart of downtown Guayaquil and is home to many land iguanas- some over a meter in length. Also, this place makes an unexpected sight to see and to do in the city for locals and visitors alike.

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