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Top 3 Awesome Looking Free Open-Source Angular Projects

by Vishank

Despite being small, Angular 4 with its improved AOT support is fast. In the Angular application, there is improved speed and type checking due to its ability to support new Typescript versions. Angular 4 has some amazing angular open-source projects from which one can learn many things from some of the projects that will be looked at in this article. An example of an Angular Admin Dashboard Template is the A2 admin which is a fully responsive template built with Bootstrap 4, CSS3, HTML 5, and Angular. It contains a collection of UI components that are reusable and integrated with Angular material. It can still be used for all web applications, like project management systems, application backends, admin dashboards, or even custom admin panels. It is constantly being improved by considering customers’ feedback through various activities such as improving existing features or even adding new ones. Three examples of Angular projects for beginners include:

  • SB Admin Dashboard

SB admin dashboard automatically falls in this category as one of the best open-source projects that were created using the Angular 4 template. It is an application that was built using bootstrap4 and angular4. Despite the fact that this admin template is free, it is amazingly responsive to HTML 5 which is mainly because it was built using bootstrap. Some of the benefits of this project are that it ensures reliable, extensible starter and fast development of angular projects. This project can be described as cross-browser compatible since it can able to support stable and even the latest releases of every existing standard web browser the likes of IE& EDGE. Since a web page requires a user-friendly and working navigation bar to user’s satisfaction, this bootstrap admin template which is simple has a responsive sidebar menu that consists of acting classes and multi-level dropdowns. Additionally, other items included in the project are the responsive top navigation drop-down menu such as messages and notifications.

In any website admin panel, charts and tables are the main / core elements. Flot charts and Morris.js are the two famous jQuery charting plugins that are responsible for creating beautiful and fictional charts. Bootstrap tables which are searchable and sortable were established with the help of Data tables which are from the jQuery plugin. Another amazing backend bootstrap template commonly used for web applications that were used in this project is the bootsnipp. This happens to be the source of many free code snippets and is mainly used in the bootstrap-powered project. The chat widget, custom circle icon buttons, login page, and the responsive bootstrap timeline in this project were all imported from this bootsnipp.

This free bootstrap framework also happens to have a lot of UI elements like buttons, notifications, icons, and panels. You will also realize that this template also has two sample pages. The last feature in this project is the pre-made search box that allows you to search the entire dashboard with ease.


  • Real-time Server Monitor App

This application allows one to take note of some OS parameters for instance the available free memory. It also has a feature that connects clients with push-side server content as it happens relative to real-time. It uses the following templates; Angular 4, Chart js, and NodeJs so the creator had to ensure that he had installed Angular studio IDE and node. In developing this project, two code repos had to be created, in which case the first code repo was a node application that would monitor operating systems parameters and transmit it through a web socket to another application, an Angular 4 application, which would utilize the Chart.js so as to graphically represent the server status. Once the project was created, Chart.js and Socket.io were added to the project. A real-time web functionality that may be added to the real-time applications is the SignalIR which is able to bi-directionally communicate with the server and the browser by taking advantage of the web socket.

  • Kanban  Board

A kanban board is a tool that visualizes work and workflow thus enabling one to optimize workflow. Physical kanban boards communicate status, progress, and issues by using sticky notes on the whiteboard while online kanban boards in software settings draw upon a whiteboard metaphor. Basically, a three-step workflow which is progress, done, and to do are the ones shown in a kanban board. The most interesting thing about a kanban board is that its main principles are the same regardless of the industry be it software development, human resource management, or even manufacturing. These angular projects for practice have principles including visualizing the work, focusing on the flow, limiting the work in process, and practicing continuous improvement.

A kanban board can also be created using Angular 4 templates. Every item is represented as a separate card so as to track work progress on the board in a highly visual manner through the workflow. In a kanban image, you will realize that only two visual components, lists, and cards, while the third component is invisible. A component is created by right-clicking on the ‘app’ directory. The next step is to edit the files created by Angular ide.


Those are the three free open-source projects that were created using Angular 4 templates that I consider to be very awesome. However, those are just but a few of the projects, since there are others that were created with Angular Admin Templates.

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