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Tips to tackle the NEET examination stress

by yasmadul99k
Tips to tackle the NEET examination stress


NEET is one of the major examinations conducted in India by the National Testing Agency (NTA). yearly an average of 17 – 18 lakh candidates participate in this exam. An exam on this scale will come with a lot of stress. You are bound to put in days and days of hard work to score good marks in this exam. The peer pressure bestowed upon you can create the sensation of tight knots in the stomach. Even Though Neet Coaching Centres in Chennai offer a stress-free environment. Excessive stress and pressure can lead to negative results. Hence here are some tips on how you can handle the NEET examination test.   

Manage your time:

Most of the students suffer stress due to lack of time management. When they feel that they are running out of time to complete something, then it’s raining chaos. The best solution for this problem is to formulate a timetable about different subjects and study them at the mentioned time. 

Healthy mindset:

You should remember to set realistic targets and shouldn’t  beat yourself for not following some of them. Even small achievements can provide tremendous motivation. The Neet Academy in Chennai tries to motivate the students even for their slightest achievements because they know that it will help in the long run.

Try some other activities:

Try to divert your mind from time to time. Any form of small exercises such as jogging, biking or walking can help your body and mind to stay active. An active mind and body can process all the information faster and keep you in a relaxed state. Also try to read a book other than your textbook, read for pleasure . try to read a book for at least 15 minutes. A chapter of Harry Potter doesn’t sound bad at this time. 

Take plenty of rest:

I know that you are having a lot to cover within your given timetable. But never try to mess up your sleep cycle. Trying to have seven to ten hours of sleep can help you develop your concentration, cognition and productivity. Even the Neet Coaching Centre in Velachery suggests that a proper rest can really help in your exam results. 


In the end you are just writing an exam, this is the mindset you should have while preparing for NEET. Last but not least, try to listen to some of your favorite songs. Music is the most strongest tool we have to fight against stress and depression.

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