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Tips to Starting Your Own Trucking Company

by lizzieweakley

If you have been driving a big rig up and down the nation’s highways for many years, you may have decided the time is right to get out of the driver’s seat, get into an office, and start your own trucking company. But as you know, you’ll have plenty of details to take care of to make this a reality. If you’re ready to be your own boss, here are some tips that can make starting your trucking company much easier.


Create Your Business Plan

To have a successful trucking company, you will first need to create a comprehensive business plan. To do this, you should seek out assistance from the Small Business Administration, where experienced business professionals can help you craft a plan that projects at least three to five years ahead. Your plan should include a description of your company, market analysis, and financial projections for anticipated revenue, which will be crucial in helping you obtain financing later on.


Buy or Lease Trucks and Trailers

To have a trucking company, you of course need to have trucks and trailers on which you can haul various types of cargo. When starting out, you may want to do this through a company like Handshake Fleet, where you can find good deals on both new and used trucks and trailers. Remember, you need to buy your equipment from a reputable business. Otherwise, your trucking company will go nowhere fast.


Hire Drivers and Staff

Before you can get your trucking company up and running, you will need to hire drivers and other staff, such as office personnel who can answer phones and do other important day-to-day duties. When hiring drivers, pay close attention so that you are sure each one has their CDL, has passed a drug test, and has sailed through criminal and employment background checks with no problems.


Get Your Trucking Authority

Finally, you’ll need to get your trucking authority, since your business will be a carrier working across state lines. To do this, you will need to choose a name for your trucking company and file it with your state. Next, you will complete an application for your authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, then file for your motor carrier number that you’ll need for transporting interstate commerce.


Once you start putting these tips into practice, you will soon be the owner of a trucking company that is known for its dependability and fantastic customer service, which will lay the groundwork for decades of business success.

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