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Tips To Start Earning From Live Streaming

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Tips To Start Earning From Live Streaming

The trend of live streaming certainly started from the time of global pandemic. While the people were stuck in the four walls, they needed to have an alternative entertainment. And this is where live streaming was boosted.  In the time of the internet revolution where content is widely spread in all media forms. Video streaming stands out among them. According to a report, video streaming accounted for 80% of the internet traffic. With all these affirmations that live video streaming comes with, there is still a question of how to start earning from live streaming. In this article, we will address all the ways that you can earn money through streaming.


What is Live Streaming

In its most basic form, live video streaming refers to broadcasting video footage to an online audience while it is being recorded. Live streaming can take many forms. For example, a gamer may share their screen while playing a video game with a  voiceover via a microphone or headset. A fitness instructor, on the other hand, may mount a video camera on a tripod or stand and stream footage of themselves performing various exercises while you replicate them. Musicians and other performers may sell tickets to a live internet broadcast performance.

Therefore , there are hundreds of ways that a live streaming session can be useful. It depends on your smart skills on how you can utilize this platform. 

How to Start Live Streaming

The concept of live streaming is not that difficult. You can start by looking for a platform that has your potential audience. Some of the commonly used platforms for live streaming are Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo etc. When you have decided the platform to start with, set up the environment. The general setup for streaming requires a microphone, camera, desktop and webcam. When all the equipment is set, you can start with a test live session and make sure that everything is as you expected. Especially, check the mics and camera. 

In order to make your life even easier and make your streaming experience as smooth as possible. There are platforms that will help you live stream on all the major platforms. And one of these platforms is LivePush. It is an online video streaming platform that supports all the major streaming sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo, Twitch and many more. The platform includes several other features that will help ease out the streaming process. You just have to make an account on LivePush and select the platform you want to stream on.


This is not all, LivePush provides the feature to multistream too. If you want to save your time and reach a vast audience by streaming on all major platforms, then LivePush is your answer. It provides the feature to multistream on whatever platform simultaneously. Now you do not need to waste your time repeating the streams one by one on all platforms. 

The platform supports scheduling of pre-recorded streams as well. If you have a major deadline ahead and are worried about skipping the live stream. Then you can pre record a stream and schedule it through LivePush. The stream will automatically start whenever you have scheduled it for. Platforms like LivePush have curated multiple functionalities for steamers so that they can focus on their content more. 

Tips to Earn From Your Streams

When you are investing your time making content for your live stream, why not just earn from it. The platform has reached the level that many investors have started to invest in live streaming. Obviously, you have to reach a certain number of audience to literally earn from streaming. But it is not impossible and we will discuss it now. 

  • Tips from your audience

When you have an audience that is a part of your journey and they follow you for a period of time. They will know that you are making a living out of content creation. And if they appreciate your content, they will willingly pay for it. This is a way where you can earn some amount from your content. Youtube has Superchats where a user can send an amount they want while you are streaming. Or they can buy stickers to send during a chat. Facebook also has something similar in the form of stars and it has monetary value too. Twitter on the other hand has a bit system where a bit is worth a cent. It might not seem like a lot of earning but if you are just starting, you have to build an audience first and these earnings are good for starters. 

Instead of waiting for the audience to pay you through the live stream, you can include a section for subscription. Similar to what you get with Netflix. Anyone who wants to watch a collection of content can pay for it. This subscription is also in the favor of the audience because they can cancel it any time. This concept can be seen on platforms like Youtube and Twitch. If your audience is interested and your content is worth the money then anyone could pay for a subscription. 

  • Advertising

Ads have a lot of importance in a content creator’s life. Many creators have earned through the things they promote through their platform. The company that approaches them to advertise their product gives the creator a certain amount of money. They also have some incentive apart from the decided amount. We can see the advertising on a daily basis on our Instagram, Youtube or Facebook. Mostly you can see a paid post on these social media platforms. And similar sort of advertising happens on live streaming as well.

Once you have established a sizable audience, you can approach related brands or individuals about sponsorship opportunities or affiliate partnerships. Because they tend to scale up in profitability with the scope of your viewership, brand partnerships and affiliate programs have the potential to become very substantial income streams for live video streaming content creators. When you have a large audience of live viewers, you will be able to negotiate some very profitable brand deals for your live broadcasts.


Money can be earned from anywhere, you just need to look for the right resources. Similarly, live streaming has also paved the way for streamers to earn and shine from the platform. And you can definitely start earning from live streaming too. If you are overwhelmed by the streaming setup and requirements, we would recommend starting with LivePush. The platform has multiple features that will ease out the streaming process and also make it bigger and better.

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