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Things to Do on Bald Head Island

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Bald Head Island

There are many different things to do on Bald Head Island. You can take an Old Baldy historic island tour, visit the Bald Head Island Club, or go on a birding walk. There are even restaurants on Bald Head Island! To learn more about Bald Head Island Things to Do, read the following articles:

Bald Head Island Club

A membership to Bald Head Island NC gives you access to the island’s best golf courses, tennis facilities, and fine dining. The resort is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the island. Members and guests can enjoy a full day of leisure on the island’s renowned golf courses.

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The Bald Head Island Club is an exclusive golf club that is easily accessible by private boat. It’s located a few miles away from Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, and it’s surrounded by freshwater lagoons and sand dunes. The course was designed by George Cobb in 1974 and has recently been renovated by Tim Cate.

Membership at Bald Head Island Club is flexible, and you can sign up for a trial membership if you’re not sure whether to sign up for a full membership right away. The club offers a variety of activities for the whole family, and you can even get a membership for a few weeks and see if you like it. The island club is situated on the south side of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Cape Fear River. It has a golf course, a clubhouse, a tennis court, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Bald Head Island Club has a restaurant that’s great for families and offers healthy and tasty food. There’s also a full-service fitness center, where you can work out with free weights and cardio equipment. You can also sign up for small group or one-on-one training sessions with fitness instructors. The club also offers protein drinks for purchase.

Old Baldy Historic Island Tour

The Old Baldy Historic Island Tour is a great way to learn more about the island’s history and culture. Bald Head Lighthouse, also known as Old Baldy, is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina and is the second of three lighthouses on the island. It was built to guide ships past the dangerous shoals on the Cape Fear river.

This tour starts at the ferry terminal at Deep Point Marina and travels around the island. Along the way, you’ll see the Old Boathouse on Bald Head Creek, the foundation of the Cape Fear Light, and the three lighthouse keeper’s cottages. The tour is approximately 1.5 hours long and is open to the public.

This tour is free and includes free admission to the lighthouse. You can explore the lighthouse on your own or join a guided tour. Old Baldy was built in 1817 and is octagonal in shape.  Bald Head Historic Island Tours also includes free admission to the lighthouse.

The Old Baldy Historic Island Tour is a great way to get acquainted with the island’s history. Guests can tour the lighthouse and the keepers’ cottage, which are replicas of the original quarters. The museum also includes exhibits on the history of the lighthouse. Visitors can also purchase Old Baldy-themed items.

The Old Baldy Historic Island Tour departs from Deep Point Marina on Bald Head Island. There is no need to make reservations for the ferry, but you can buy tickets at the ferry terminal. Once on the island, a guide will meet you at the end of the dock. Your tour will begin shortly after. The cost of the ferry ticket is $23 for adults.

Bald Head Island Conservancy’s birding walk

The Bald Head Island Conservancy was formed on November 7, 1983, with two missions: education and preservation. The organization has a wide range of activities and tours designed to provide the public with a better understanding of nature. Their tours, such as a birding walk, are a great way to see the different species that call the island home.

The island is ideal for birdwatching year-round, with tours offered every Monday morning. Visitors will see dozens of species, including nesting, painted buntings, and hundreds of herons and egrets. There are also a variety of ducks. According to the website of the Bald Head Island Conservancy, there are 244 species of birds that call the island home.

For a truly immersive experience, visitors can participate in a birding walk led by the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s knowledgeable staff. While you’re on the island, be sure to bring your camera and tripod, as this will help you capture a bird’s activity. Also, make sure to wear appropriate footwear for the island. A hat, scarf, and gloves can help keep you warm and dry. For additional convenience, a portable charging unit for your smartphone or camera can keep your fingers from freezing and can be useful when you’re trying to capture some great shots.

The Bald Head Island Conservancy is a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving the island’s nature and providing recreational activities for visitors. Its goal is to protect the environment for future generations. They also support a variety of educational programs and research projects.

Restaurants on Bald Head Island

There are several excellent dining options available to visitors to Bald Head Island. Delphina Coastal Cuisine, located right next to the harbor, serves international cuisine, including Mexican. Jules’ Salty Grub & Island Pub, a waterfront eatery, serves sandwiches, seafood, and specialty cocktails. Sandpiper Coffee & Ice Cream also offers specialty drinks and coffee.

Delphinus Cafe offers great views of the ocean and the sunset from its patio. While it doesn’t offer 5-star quality food, the food at this casual restaurant is fresh and tasty. It’s also very easy to pick up take-out items and enjoy your meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or a formal affair, Bald Head Island restaurants have something for everyone.

The beaches are a great place to spend your vacation. With 14 miles of sand, Bald Head Island is perfect for families and beachcombers alike. There are many beautiful locations to explore, from South Beach to Cape Fear Point. There’s also the Island Retreat Spa, which offers soothing massages and yoga classes.

While enjoying the beautiful beach views and the local cuisine, you can also experience authentic North Carolina barbecue at Lulu’s BBQ Kitchen. It’s so popular that many visitors make reservations in advance. This eatery also has picnic tables outside, which makes it a great option for lunch and dinner.

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