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The ROV Developed For The Offshore Oil Industry

The ROV Developed For The Offshore Oil Industry

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The ROV Developed For The Offshore Oil Industry

MOBOT was modified by the shell oil and Hughes aircraft companies as an advanced but landlocked manipulative-operated robot in 1960. This MOBOT was developed for cloud operations underwater. This MOBOT is the lead for today’s ROV(Remote Operated Vehicle), which becomes revolutionary equipment for offshore petroleum exploration and production. In today’s offshore oil and natural gas industry, ROVs play a vital role in production. The MOBOT, developed by Hughes aircraft company in the 1950s, is for the atom energy commission. These robots are modified for the environment to be too radioactive or too deep for humans. The MOBOT was built with steel hydraulic claws weighing over 4500 pounds, television eyes, sonars for navigation, and propellers for propulsion. These MOBOTs are connected to the operator with 200-foot umbilical cables, and the operator uses pistol grids and livers to control the robot. 

Deep walls offshore

The saturation diving method helps to reduce the danger of decomposition sickness “the blend”. But there are limits to divers accomplishing in increasingly hazardous depths. Shell oil company took a huge role in the transaction of MOBOTs to ROVs. Beginning in 1960, a series of patents described “a remote-controlled manipulative device for carrying out underwater inspection and other operations at an assembly position at the top of the wall. 

Swimming socket wrench

These ROVs were first used in the subsea wellhead under Shatto’s design team, who noticed the oilfield energy center in 2000. A Yale graduate, Shatto developed the first ROV for subsea BOPs (bowl-out preventers) and created the world’s first dynamic automated positioning on Eureka’s drillship in 1960, according to the marine society. Haward Shatto’s contribution to the oil and gas industry and marine was known for his works as “the father of dynamic positioning” given by the society of dynamic positioning committee after the offshore technology pioneer’s death in 2018. 

This is how the ROVs were first developed for use in the oil and gas industry and became a vital part of the industry. Now it is used in various fields as the primary resource for collecting data like bridge inspection, dam inspection, underwater research, etc.  and helps in the research sectors to collect things from underwater and used in rescue processes in case of an emergency where humans can not reach the place, and it basically replaces the human and protect them without any cause. MOBOT is the first step of ROV which is used in our time. So, if your business need the sources this are the things we need to consider before chocking. 

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