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Tech infrastructure services in Malaysia: From startups to the big names

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Tech infrastructure services in Malaysia


Tech infrastructure services in Malaysia are rapidly growing, with many companies looking to shop here. Here, we will provide an overview of the different types of services available and what they offer. We will also give you some tips on how to get started.

The Tech Infrastructure Services Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia’s tech infrastructure services industry is a growing sector that offers a range of services related to developing and deploying technology platforms. Companies in this field include startup companies and significant nameplates such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Dell.

What Services Do Tech Infrastructure Services Companies Offer?

Tech infrastructure services companies offer several products and services that help businesses develop and deploy technology platforms. These include design, hosting, consulting, training, and build-out assistance. Some of the most common offerings from these companies include: design and development services, data center solutions; application programming interface (API) development; cloud computing solutions; managed service contracts; and security consulting.

What is the Future of the Tech Infrastructure Services Industry?

The tech infrastructure services industry’s future is uncertain but looks promising. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as increasing demand for high-quality tech platforms across industries, this sector has growth potential. However, the further investment may be necessary to sustain this growth trajectory.

Malaysian Tech Infrastructure Services Startups

Malaysia’s tech infrastructure services sector is a growing and promising business area. With startups abounding, it’s easy to find companies working on developing innovative technology solutions for Malaysian businesses and citizens. These companies’ opportunities vary but typically include access to cutting-edge software platforms, excellent technical support, and an aggressive marketing strategy.

Startups in the Tech Infrastructure Services Sector in Malaysia

Several startups struggle to get into Malaysia’s tech infrastructure services sector. These companies seek innovative technology solutions to help Malaysian businesses grow and succeed. Typically, these startups have a strong focus on solving specific problems faced by Malaysian companies, which makes their products unique and appealing to potential customers. In addition, many of these companies are built around a team of experienced professionals with years of experience working in the tech industry. This ensures they can provide top-notch technical support and significant marketing efforts for their products.

Malaysian Tech Infrastructure Services Companies.

Several tech infrastructure services companies are operating in Malaysia. The following is a list of some of the most well-known and respected firms:

  1. Glencore plc. Glencore is a world-renowned metals and mining company with operations in over 20 countries, including Malaysia. They provide various tech infrastructure services, including patent and trademark protection, cloud computing, and social media management.
  2. Infosys Ltd. is one of India’s biggest technology companies, operating in over 50 countries worldwide. They offer various tech infrastructure services, from patent filing to cloud computing maintenance.
  3. TCL Communications Holdings Bhd. TCL is one of the leading telecommunications products and services providers in the Asia Pacific. They offer a wide range of tech infrastructure services, from network design to data center construction and installation.


Malaysia’s Tech Infrastructure Services Industry is expected to increase in the medium and long term. The sector offers a wide range of services that can be applied in various industries, including technology, health care, and other sectors. Malaysian Tech Infrastructure Services startups offer Amenities and Features that appeal to companies looking for a quick startup cost. In addition, the industry has a high potential for growth due to strong demand from various sectors. As a result, the Tech Infrastructure Services Sector will likely continue to grow in Malaysia over the next several years.


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