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Suspect a Clogged Oil Filter? Here’s How to Determine It

by nickthomas

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Do you know the internal dangers to an automobile’s engine? There is a good chance that one part could be damaged if there is a problem with another part because your vehicles require a number of interdependent components to function.

For instance, using poor engine oil is bad for your engine and could cause damage if it loses its ability to lubricate.

Engine oil might degrade over time, while it may face issues with an oil filter too. It means if an oil filter becomes clogged, there are a lot of chances for lubrication issues and possibly engine damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to look out for the signs of a clogged oil filter.

The Engine Starts To Sputter

The Engine Starts To Sputter

Once, the engine of your car begins to make a series of soft explosive or spitting noises. However, such a sound indicates some serious engine problems, but most often the problem is an obstructed oil filter.

It happens when the clogged filter sends unfiltered, and occasionally sludge-worn, engine oil to the engine’s critical components, causing them to splatter the oil as a result of their ineffective operation.

Typically, an engine starts out making a low-intensity noise that increases in intensity over time.

Without further delay, you should have your car checked for the appropriate issue.

Engine Starts To Overheat

Automotive engine overheating on the road

Several underlying problems could cause the engine of a car to overheat. A clogged air filter, however, comes in first place because you cannot rely on a clogged filter to filter the engine oil.

Furthermore, a lack of engine oil encourages excessive friction and may even result in engine overheating. How does an oil filter clog, though?

The saturation of the engine oil filter is largely caused by the quality of the engine oil. If low-quality engine oil is used over time, the engine oil will eventually turn into sludge and the oil filter blocks it each time the engine oil passes through.

Additionally, engine oil attracts a variety of contaminants, particularly metallic debris.

In addition to retaining the motor oil, an oil filter that is saturated with dirt impairs its ability to lubricate, increasing friction between the moving parts and adding to the likelihood that the engine will overheat during routine driving.


Engine Performance Issue

Engine Performance Issue

There is a long list of maintenance that you need to do in order for your car’s engine to run at its best.

Car oil change is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Along with engine oil, the oil filter is a critical component.

Engine performance may be hampered by the oil filter, which is in charge of supplying the lubrication necessary for vigorous engine operation. Without sufficient lubrication, it would be unreasonable to expect an engine to operate as intended.


Low Engine Oil Pressure

Maybe it's the oil?

Engine oil moves from a pan at the bottom to the higher side for lubrication purpose.  However, a constant pressure is required to force the engine oil to its conclusion.

Due to obstructions in the pipeline, there wouldn’t be enough pressure in the event of a clogged filter. The variations in oil pressure can be high or low depending on the kind of abnormality.

However there are no tools available to gauge the engine oil pressure.


Consistent Metallic Noise

Consistent Metallic Noise

Since lubricating the engine is a responsibility that engine oil must fulfil, On the other hand, friction between the moving ports is inevitable if there is insufficient lubrication.

Instead of operating smoothly, the parts begin to grind against one another. Additionally, a persistent metallic noise is produced.

The engine could be harmed by the metal-on-metal noises that grow louder as the oil filter wears out.


Appearance of Dark Exhaust Smoke

air pollution crisis in city from diesel vehicle exhaust pipe on road

A clogged oil filter is unable to purify the residual impurities from engine oil. Sometimes, you may experience an appearance of dark smoke from the exhaust due to unintentional burning of impurities when the engine oil gets leaked at the tailpipe.

Moreover, there might be some signs of leakage on the ground under your car.


Check Engine Light Turns On

yellow engine check engine icon on car dashboard, black background

As there is a shortage of engine oil for lubrication during the combustion process, engine performance takes a dip. The check engine light turns on to tell you about an issue with your engine.

However, you can get to a specific issue by summing up other signs too. But, an expert inspection proves to be the best alternative.

You may be aware of an issue such as a clogged oil filter, but you cannot replace it due to complexity under the hood. However, it is better to go for a professional oil filter replacement service to avoid any hassle.

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