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Steps for Building Execution And Construction

Essential information for Building Construction 

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Steps for Building Execution And Construction

Construction and execution of any building are achieved through suitable construction materials, excellent design and quality of materials used for modern construction. 

Essential information for Building Construction 

The budget plays an essential role in designing and constructing specific projects. The documents include the project’s cost, time and preliminary design. Project drawings must satisfy the specifications of civil, architectural, electrical and mechanical details. Preparation of constructing a building includes a contract document and building permit for site execution. Site cleaning, water and electrical facilities are esteemed by architects and architecture firms in Chennai before site execution. 

Building Execution and Construction

Excavation is the preliminary work for a concrete basement or building foundation. It is done either by hand or mechanically. These types of excavation depend on soil conditions, groundwater level and rock surface of the soil. 

The Foundations of buildings are built using various materials according to the region’s soil, groundwater and climatic conditions. Bricks, concrete, stones and steel are used to construct the foundation. The type of soil layers influences the depth of the foundation. Best architects in Chennai use both vertical and horizontal piles for a strong foundation. These piles increase the load-carrying capacity of the soil. The depth of the foundation depends on the strength of the soil.

Concrete works are blocks of natural stones mixed with cement and water. The mixture of these components binds and makes up the bulk concrete for building construction. The traditional processing of curing concretes is spreading or submerging it in water, Covering it with wet clothes, soil and plastic sheets. This method helps increase the concrete’s strength without creating any vibration. Top architects in Chennai prevent concrete from contaminating other materials and transport concrete in a short time before the initial setting. Low voids and dense concrete represent the good quality of concrete.

Brick’s works are considered one of the traditional building materials used by humans. Primitive buildings are built by using clay. They look like homogenous building blocks, which are cut into different shapes, dried and then used for construction. The uniform bricks are easily manufactured because of the availability nature raw material. Civil contractors in Chennai use homogenous block join bricks to elevate walls. These bricks are arranged both vertically and horizontally for the complete elevation and also to be in good texture. 

Stone masonry is another essential tool for the construction of walls, arches and columns in the building. They are considered economical materials for constructing various parts of buildings.


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