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Some serious risks posed by asbestos

Some serious risks posed by asbestos

by angstrom123

For all those hearing the word for the first time, Asbestos is the name given for six minerals which is naturally found on our planet. These minerals are high on demand for various manufacturing purposes for many of its features. Let us take a look at why asbestos is a preferred option for many reasons:

First off, asbestos fibers are highly adaptable and they are resistant to fire, synthetic compounds, and even electricity. That is the reason why it is commonly as well as heavily used in a wide range of components that we get today including our car parts. 

In any case, the filaments of asbestos separate effectively into small pieces while they are worked with. They’re too little to be seen and hence one can easily breathe in asbestos. This is where they pose the risk of harming one’s lungs. 

Looking at the risks, the U.S. government has restricted asbestos use in all activities. In any case, certain activities that were created before 1989 are as yet legitimate.

Asbestos can pose the given side effects: 

You probably won’t see any side effects until years after prolonged exposure. By and large, gradually you are likely to witness:

  •   Difficulty in breathing 
  •   Wheezing or dryness
  •   Coughing that keeps on getting severe
  •   Blood in cough
  •   Chest pain and uneasiness 
  •   Problem is swallowing 
  •   Enlarging in your neck or face
  •   Loss of taste and smell
  •   Loss in weight for no reason
  •   Sleepiness and lethargy all the time
  •   Frailty

It is equally important for you to understand that all these can likewise be side effects of many other issues. So it is advised to get yourself checked  by a health expert or PCP so they carry out the essential health assessment to find the root cause. 

If you suspect that you’ve been exposed to asbestos sooner or later, let your health expert know about it, even before you begin to experience any of the listed side effects. 

What medical issues might asbestos cause?

Assuming you are working or have worked in a set up where you breathe in the strands like a normal routine thing, you are at a high risk of lung diseases caused due to asbestos exposure. If you are prone to smoking or are a regular smoker, you are likely to be more impacted. That is due to the fact that tobacco smoke bothers lung sections. This makes it harder for the lungs to naturally get rid of asbestos strands.

What can be done?

If you are always around or in a set up where you suspect an exposure to asbestos, consider calling out for an asbestos inspection in NYC at the earliest to take the necessary steps. 

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