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Services Provide By Bellmedex Medical Billing Company in Los Angeles

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You might be wondering what responsibilities a professional Medical Billing Company Los Angeles would handle and what you’ll still need to accomplish in-house if you’re planning to outsource some or all of your medical billing to them. You won’t have to stress about anything about claim filing, patient follow-up, or interaction with insurance carriers. The healthcare sector is growing more complex and competitive every day as a result of the advent of large-scale medical billing companies.

Verification of Benefits

It’s frustrating to learn that a service you provided to a patient isn’t covered by their particular insurance. Which results in rejected claims and accounts receivable balances staying far longer than they should. We assist your team by providing medical billing services so they can establish whether a patient’s insurance will pay particular services before you provide them.

Submission of Bills and Claims

Our main service integrates with your electronic medical records (EMR) system, bringing each visit’s specifics, pertinent patient information, and other data directly into a standardized claim form. This simplifies the billing and claim submission process. Then, for each claim that needs to be delivered to a payor, we run a series of claims-scrubbing tools to make sure the information is accurate and the proper codes are used to ensure optimum reimbursement.

Utilization Evaluation

When you are capable but not currently contracted for certain codes. We acquire authorization from payors to conduct certain treatments in addition to confirming patient benefits. We fight for you to meet the standards of insurers to ensure maximum recovery in a timely way. Because we are aware that the insurance environment is complex and continuously changing.


We perform all essential credentialing if a new doctor or treatment provider joins your team or if you want to work with a new payor. Both private and public payors, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and VA insurance, are included in this. In order to prevent you from losing out on payment because your active personnel or providers lack credentials with a certain payor. We maintain them up to date.

Detailed Reporting

Any medical billing company should guarantee that you have access to the most recent financial data regarding the services we offer, and Bellmedex does this in addition to holding regular meetings to review our objectives and progress. We will discuss claim submission and acceptance rates. The status of accounts receivable and significant transactions over the previous period at these reporting sessions.

Collection of Patient Payments

The daily communication your employees has with former clients who are still owed money for your services is another time-consuming task. We follow up with potential customers by phone, email, and mail to secure these payments, freeing up your team to focus on other crucial duties.

Management of Receivables

Bellmedex revenue cycle management continuously scans your practice’s accounts receivable to identify any unpaid invoices you haven’t yet collected. Then goes after the payer or patient who owes the balance. We also record both paper and electronic filings for your records and promptly post payments.

Medical Billing Companies Save time while generating income

When you work with specialists like those at Bellmedex, outsourcing the time-consuming and unpredictable duties that divert your team’s focus from providing top-notch treatment can be a very advantageous strategic move. To make sure you are paid for your services more frequently.  Our team’s sole area of expertise and experience is revenue cycle management, and we have experience in all 50 states. Call us or send us an email to find out more about what we can do for you.

How to Choose Medical Billing Company?

The financial stability of any medical practice is closely related to effective medical billing collection, compliance, and follow-ups during the claims processing. A medical practice cannot function effectively without a competent team to handle medical billing, which is a truth. The healthcare sector is growing more complex and competitive every day as a result of the advent of large-scale medical billing companies.

Selecting the best medical billing company for your practice is essential since it could determine its success. Here are some guidelines on how to select an efficient and suitable medical billing companies for your medical practice if you’re still unsure about outsourcing your medical billing.

Clarity Is Essential

Delays in claim generation. When working with outsourced medical billing companies, doctors frequently experience irregular follow-ups, false promises, and work rife with errors. Once you’ve chosen a medical billing service provider, you depend on them to keep your practice’s finances in good shape. We advise you to thoroughly research their background and transparency policies so that you are confident in their dedication to your achievement.

Price and Services Analysis

It’s not a good idea to select a medical billing companies purely on the basis of cost. Why? The absence of a fee could be a sign of poor service quality.

Though that’s not always the case. It’s nevertheless worth giving it some thought because the capabilities might not match your requirements. It can simply be an unreal offer. In the end, reduced costs are occasionally a ploy used by unnoticed businesses to quickly attract customers. In order to prevent your practice from experiencing these setbacks. We advise comparing the pricing and services provided by each vendor worth considering in order to identify the best medical billing service provider at a fair price.

Easy On-Boarding Procedure

When choosing a medical billing companies  consider how soon they can onboard you and whether your practice will need any specific technical resources from them in order to transfer the billing operations to them. In order to confirm the feasibility on your end, you should also inquire about the setup process and requirements. When you decide to use their services, this will make the procedure more convenient.

Data Protection

Security is crucial, particularly when handling sensitive data like yours. It would be preferable to find out more about their security procedures and system before entrusting them with your data. Verify that the medical billing companies can adequately safeguard your data both in transit across networks and at rest (stored).

The ideal thing to do before choosing the best medical billing companies for you is still to conduct extensive research. To fully understand how they approach their work, it would be best to observe a live demonstration.

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