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SAFe Product Owner: All You Need to Know in Simple Words

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SAFe Product owner training


The SAFe Product Owner is a skillful member of an Agile Development team who operates in the environment as a voice of the customer. Primarily, the professional collaborates with the Product Management team apart from other stakeholders and lists out product details. In technical terms, the Product Owner determines and enumerates stories in the Team Backlog and prioritizes them subsequently. The notable fact about this field is that the professional can look after two teams simultaneously. Thus, the Product Owner (PO) works coherently with the Product Manager, whose job is to ensure the total product vision. It is an innovative field and the reach has grown over the years. Convert your interest into the profession and get familiar with SAFe Product Owner Online Training for sustained growth. Inculcate skills of handling multiple projects at the same time and tune your knowledge as per the expected standards.

Now, let us look at some key sections that follow to better understand the industrial significance of SAFe Product Owner.

Importance of SAFe Product Owner

The whole purpose of the Agile team is to increase the performance level of the organization. In other words, the end result is the increase in the quality of the services and products and the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, the SAFe Product Owner plays a key role in this aspect as it represents the voice of the customer. Hence, the workforce in this domain plays an instrumental role in maximizing the value of the product. The utility of the Product Owner in an Agile Development environment comes from the fact that it safeguards the interests of the customers and generates more accountability.

Now, let us move to the next section and analyze the roles and responsibility that working professional performs in this field.

Roles and Responsibilities of SAFe Product Owner

The chief responsibilities of the SAFe Product Owner entail refining the Team Backlog, strategizing and creating program vision, and participating in management events. Furthermore, the professional also ensures that his roles are covering the extent of the entire team. Contemplate the following points and remember the advantages of SAFe Product Owner.

· PI Planning

The Product Owner is an instrumental part of the PI (Program Increment) Planning and has to participate in the events set by the larger Product Management team. Refining the backlogs also involves close intervention and monitoring of the PO. The role also requires drafting out the roadmap, creating the vision, and maintaining the backlog updated. During the strategizing event, the PO should be available at all times to provide insights whenever they are required.

· Inspection and Adaption

The regular inspection and Adaption workshop ensures proper identification and rectification of impediments is done. It further ensures a smooth user experience. Therefore, during the Inspection and Adaption event, the PO implements strategies across the team to upgrade the processes and elevate the quality of the team. Moreover, it is also the role of the professional to conduct and participate in the PI system demo for clients and other stakeholders.

· Role in the Program Execution

During the implementation of PI, the Product Owner will collaborate with other professionals of the same designation to validate and coordinate dependencies. Apart from that, the professional also ensures a smooth working environment without any deficiencies. Primarily, the POs collaborate during the weekly events.


While executing the Agile methodology in product development, there is a need for ensuring accountability and user requirements. The SAFe Product Owner fills the gap as he ensures an optimal working environment, revamps the backlog and checks whether the specified product vision is intact. In recent years, it has emerged as a profitable career. Furthermore, there has been a rampant increase in SAFe Product Owner Training in Gurgaon and other metropolitan cities. It suggests increasing demand among job seekers because since many enterprises are adopting Agile, prospects are in the higher range.

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