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Rhinoplasty To Correct Nose Aesthetic Issue: Know about Cost, Procedure, Results

Rhinoplasty Cost in India

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Rhinoplasty in India

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, aims to improve, reconstruct, or rectify the looks of the nose. This procedure enhances the nose’s appearance. In rhinoplasty surgery, the nose’s size, breadth, internal portions, shape, or cartilage can be changed. Many females desire an ideal appearance for their noses. In addition to women, some males also get gender modifications and attempt to look more feminine by altering their noses. For men and women who want an enhanced and defined nose shape they can get it done with Dr. Parag Telang, an expert surgeon for Rhinoplasty in India at Designer Bodyz. 

A nose with a distinct tip, a feminine swoop on the bridge that many believe in getting more feminine, and an excellent projection that starts from the front to the rear look like an ideal nose. It should also be proportionate to a woman’s face and, for most women, have these features. The nose should appear flawless from any angle of a shot. 

In a rhinoplasty surgery called a “nose job,” the surgeon makes a few tiny cuts made inside the nose that access the bones and cartilage. Tissues and cartilage are either added or deleted depending on how the person wants the nose’s look. Nose jobs can make numerous corrections to the nostrils, nasal tip, nose asymmetry, size, width, and profile. 

If a rhinoplasty surgery is done with precision, it may help one feel and look more youthful and confident. Everybody has a unique nose, so rhinoplasty treatment is customised by Dr. Parag Telang, an expert FFS and rhinoplasty surgeon in India. The doctor will assess the nose and facial features during the consultation. The treatment can also be used to treat congenital structural problems that cause impaired breathing. The goals of rhinoplasty are to maintain or enhance the nasal airways while creating a nose that looks natural and is more in proportion to the rest of the face. The aim of rhinoplasty is improved function but not imitation. A better version of the nose comes out with rhinoplasty. Both sinusitis and respiratory issues are medical conditions that can be treatable with medical rhinoplasty. 

There are two methods for performing rhinoplasty surgery: 

Closed rhinoplasty: As this procedure enables reshaping the nose without leaving a noticeable scar across the columella, doctors prefer closed rhinoplasty. The dorsal hump and tip are reshaped through incisions made inside the nose. In the closed rhinoplasty procedure, surgeons can reshape the tip and dorsum and perform functional nasal airway surgery, all while working under close supervision. Additionally, since the skin of the nose is not lifted, the results of closed rhinoplasty are more predictable and constant. Compared to open rhinoplasty, healing is simpler with closed rhinoplasty. 

Open rhinoplasty: Open rhinoplasty involves making a cut across the columella and lifting the skin on the nose. The healing of the columella scar is not always calculable. The columella scar frequently causes a visible notch and thickening of the skin in front of the scar, especially in candidates with thicker skin. After an open rhinoplasty, revision surgery is frequently more challenging than after closed rhinoplasty. This procedure lasts from 1–2.5 hours. Revision rhinoplasty may be long-standing.


 The nose will look better if the facial swelling subsides after ten days. The swelling in the top of the nose goes away more quickly. It takes longer for swelling in the nose’s bottom half and tips to go down. The majority of candidates say their recovery from rhinoplasty surgery was painless. In addition, several patients combine rhinoplasty with other procedures like brow lifting, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, hairline surgery, and facelifts at Designer Bodyz.


 Preoperative care: 

  • Avoid smoking for a week prior to the surgery and for two weeks following it.
  • Inform the doctor about any health supplements that are being consumed.
  • Put an end to anything that thins the blood.

Post-operative instructions: 

  • For the first 24 hours, keep the upper back raised by 30 to 40 degrees and use a cold compress. Applying anything frozen directly to the skin is not advised.
  • Facial swelling usually worsens in the first three days following surgery but subsides by the fifth day.
  • Cotton balls soaked in warm water are used to gently clean the bottom of the nose. Once daily, vaseline should be applied to the nasal rims.
  • After rhinoplasty surgery, some candidates may feel an unpleasant smell in the nose,  which will go away over time.
  • If the nostrils are narrowed the doctor will remove the splints and sutures from the nose. Vaseline lubrication of the nostrils will make suture removal less painful.
  • Tape the nose only at night. It will aid in reducing the swelling that develops over the next few days during the healing process.
  • A stiff upper lip usually resolves about two-three months after surgery.
  • After surgery, abstain from alcohol and blood thinners for two weeks.
  • Two weeks following surgery, an individual can begin softly blowing their nose. One month following surgery, an individual can start exercising again. For the two weeks following surgery, avoid bending.
  • Two months after surgery, an individual can start swimming with their head submerged in the water.
  • Keep away from long hours of sun exposure. To protect the nose, wear a hat.
  • Pore strips may be restarted three months following surgery.
  • Resume with mild cardio after 4 weeks.
  • Switch to contact lenses, avoiding glasses for six weeks.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery takes a year and a half to show results. Socially acceptable results can be seen in 10 days to 1 month.

Dr. Parag Telang is a popular facial feminization surgeon, and many people visit his clinic to achieve the desired nose shape. To learn more about rhinoplasty procedures and rhinoplasty cost in India, book a consultation with Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz.

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