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Revamp The Pathwork Style: Fashion Trend Returned

by kimoralopez03
Patch Work Fabric

All possibilities, from bold to subtle, are on the table for patchwork, which is destined to become one of the top trends in spring and summer. All you need to do to follow this fashion trend is to slightly mix together various designs or materials. In street style at London Fashion Week in 2019, a lot of fashion bloggers donned items made using this method, and patchwork has also been worn by a number of famous people, including Selena Gomez.

Adriana Lima has also shown her support for the trend and been a fan. Patches of all sizes and designs, such as flowers, stripes, and polka dots—worn all together if possible—are sure to become an important part of your summer looks given the styles suggested by a number of companies for the spring/summer 2020 season.

Foolproof spring trend 

If you like to wear one-piece ensembles like dresses, one easy approach to put up a look is to mix various designs in tiny quantities or from head to toe.  Then, for you Eleonora Abbagnato, a ballerina, really achieved this.

Comfy yet stylish

If you want to feel comfortable, do like model Gigi Hadid did and wear a lightweight sweater with denim Bermuda shorts and combat boots. Further, combinations of color and texture patterns will offer a splash of fun to your ensembles.

Flowy skirts 

One of the clothes you should always have in your wardrobe is a long, hypnotically flowing, asymmetrical ruffle skirt. It’s lovely and will add a little of glitz to any ensemble. A person who has these qualities is the ideal approach to follow this fashion trend.

Pants and jumpsuits 

Wearing this style with trousers or a jumpsuit is a fantastic alternative. These pieces, together with the skirt, will serve as the focal point of your ensemble. Check out how this street styler wore a jacket with mixed-print jeans. Due to its straightforward lines and impartial colour, the top layer serves as the essential equilibrium point.

Classical floral

A typical spring outfit is changed into something fresh using patchwork. This design is fantastic since it can be worn in formal appearances, like the one Italian actress Monica Bellucci is sporting above, or more casual ones, depending on the situation. Thus, everything is dependent on the dress’s silhouette and the accessories.

A combination spring-summer classic

The patchwork style was even more prominent on the spring/summer 2020 runways in Missoni’s presentations, which featured flowing gowns ideal for spring. For instance, it depicts a dress covered with flowers, polka dots, and stripes worn with a thin shirt.

Style with every day

The Thom Browne fashion show demonstrated that combining a variety of textiles is essential to completing your spring looks and that just wearing designs in various warm and cool colour palettes is insufficient. Also what completes this fantastic appearance? Further, maintaining the contrast of the rest of the ensemble with shoe ornamentation.

Various fabrics and blending 

The Thom Browne fashion show proved that wearing prints in different warm and cool colour palettes is not enough; the interaction of several fabrics is vital to rounding out your looks this spring. The final touch on this great look? This has details which show matching. 

Three patchwork piece 

If you like wearing clothes with various designs or materials. Then, Fabriclore is here to provide you with another method to wear this fashion. How can we attain harmony in fashion? Pick two items with distinct designs, such a top and a blazer, and team them with a subtle patchwork denim skirt.


These were some of the patchwork fashion ideas that you can follow to make your wardrobe aesthetic and creative. By shopping with fabriclore, you can get a grand variety of patchwork materials.

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