Let's face it. The lashes are the most important part of the appearance.

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Let’s face it. The lashes are the most important part of the appearance. Eyelashes that are big and bold are sure to make you stand out, regardless of what your style to use makeup. No matter if you go the full beat or opt for less makeup on your face the only thing that will hold it all together is your eyelashes.

Natural, big and bold eyelashes isn’t an easy feat particularly when some of us were found to be God’s least favourite child and had eyes that were short. Learn this complete guide to learn how to make eyelashes that are short appear longer, without the pain of glue!

To make your lashes look longer and fuller than they normally are For your lashes to appear longer than they usually do

1. Always use a curler

If you are looking to lengthen your eyelashes, ensure you are armed with a lash curler. The lash curlers are fairly simple to make use of even though they could be a bit intimidating. Make use of your eyelash curler to increase the volume of your eyelashes and create gorgeous curls that complement the shape of your eyes.

2. Apply two Coats of Mascara

When applying your mascara, be sure to apply an additional coat. 2 coats of mascara will ensure that the product works at its best and that your eyelashes receive the attention they deserve! To avoid the formation of messy spider eyelashes, apply the initial coat evenly, and repeat the procedure, to ensure that all lashes have the same amount of the product. If you’re looking to beat your crush in the eyelash game, you can do it!

3. Do not ignore the Lower Lash Line

The lower lash line gives more definition and oomph to your look when it is well filled with mascara. We tend to skip out on this aspect and our entire look goes flat. Make sure to apply mascara on your lower lashes too. They do not only enhance the look, but they can also help your eyes appear more vibrant and more full.

4. Tightlining Works Wonders

If you’re not a fan of eyes that are swollen but are a bit wary of heading south with a winged eyeliner and will often go your home without kohl or mascara, this is a method you should try. The tightlining of your eyes is a simple job. Use a kajal or kohl pencil and begin drawing lines on the skin underneath the lashes’ roots. This trick helps fill in any gaps you may have . It also provides a quick solution to make your lashes appear fuller and more firmly.

5. Use eyeliners or Coloured Liners

This is a technique you don’t want to reveal to anyone. Your eyeliner can assist you in filling gaps in your lower line of lashes! Simply take your eyeliner and create strokes that make it appear as if you are wearing eyes. Tadaa! You are done. If you’re looking for something new, use coloured liners to make your lashes appear in various shades and create the illusion of full eyelash, full and dramatic eyelashes.

6. Use Olive Oil For Lash Growth

You heard it right. The lashes can be grown exactly like hair! If you’ve been in a state of grief by costly mascara serums that failed to fulfill their promises, here is what you must find Olive oil! Extra-virgin olive oil could help you grow your eyelashes at home naturally if you regularly apply it to your thin, thin and falling eyelashes. With its a myriad of natural components, antioxidants, and vitamins that are present olive oil, it can assist to grow fuller healthy, longer, and healthier eyelashes.

7. Make use of Petroleum Jelly As A Primer

It could be a bit of a surprise however if you desire to not have to bear the expense for lash primer which is something we fully know, then you should use petroleum jelly. It’s an absolute savior in making lashes that are short and sloppy appear thicker and fuller. To test this method it’s as easy as grabbing the right wand, a clean wand, and our favorite Vaseline and then coat your lashes with it. Apply your preferred mascara and you’re done! You are done!

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