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Pre- recorded video interviews: What it is and how it works?

Pre- recorded video interviews: What it is and how it works?

by smithjames0689
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When COVID hit everyone, companies started to embrace remote working and virtual interviews. Video interviewing has become the most used mode of interviewing in the past few years. It is a convenient and more accessible process to conduct interviews anywhere. Video interviews and virtual hiring are some of the many changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives and will presumably become the norm post-pandemic as well. This means your next job interview might happen via video.

Video interviewing software ensures that non-local and qualified candidates get equal opportunities at the job and spend less time in the hiring process. As per the research done by Gartner in April 2020, 86% of the organizations started opting for new virtual technology to interview candidates which were 60% before the pandemic.

What are Pre-recorded Video Interviews?

A pre-recorded video interview is an interview that is recorded in advance by the candidate and sent to the recruiter to watch later. In this process, the questions are prepared by the recruiter and uploaded on the video interview software, and then sent to the candidates qualifying for the requirements of the organization. The candidates can record the answers remotely according to their convenience. In this, the candidate is all alone facing the camera with the questions asked by the software.

Why are Pre-recorded Video Interviews a Trend?

What changed after the pandemic is the time constraints. Technology advanced at a high rate so did the hiring demand. The recruitment process became shorter and easier for employers to conduct hiring as a result pre-recorded interview tools such as Ducknowl,  and Modern Hire which were used before the pandemic by only a few employers turned out to be the best tool in the market to hire candidates remotely. It is hassle-free and a lot easier for both the recruiters and the candidates. Today pre-recorded job interviews are not only a focus but also have become a crucial element of the whole recruitment process. Thus this process is more digitized. 

How do Pre-Recorded Video Interviews Work?

The working of the pre-recorded video interviews is pretty simple. In this, the recruiter pre-selects the questions related to that particular job profile using the software or tool and then sends it to the candidates via a link in their mail to record the answers within the deadline. The interview is carried out via a platform that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile. The candidates receive the link on their mail ids and the password is also mentioned so that they can sign in with the email id and password. 

Once the candidate is logged in there is usually an introduction video explaining everything about the platform and how to use the platform and the things that need to be done to record the interview. There will be initial tests for both the camera and the microphone so that the candidate can be ready and can initiate the pre-recorded video session. The recruiter sets all the questions in advance and they also know how long the interview will last. There might be cases when the recruiter sets multiple choice type questions or can also ask the candidates to write their answers. A candidate answers the questions the same as they answer them in the in-person video interview. Once the interview ends the recorded video answers are received by the recruiter. They watch it and makes their decision if the candidate is a good fit for that particular position or not and then they conduct the next round of interview. 

Advantages of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

The benefits of pre-recorded video interviews are many. Let’s have a look one by one:-

1. Speeds up the hiring process

Many candidates move on if they don’t hear back from the recruiters. This is one reason for using pre-recorded video interviews. It eliminates the unnecessary time taken to hire and screen candidates. Tools like this reduce the risk of losing potential candidates, especially during the high volume of hiring.

2. Great chance to showcase skills

Candidates get an opportunity to showcase themselves without suddenly being in the spotlight. They can take their own time and answer the questions calmly instead of being in a live video interview. 

3. Lowers the cost of hiring

Not only pre-recorded video interviews improve the quality of hiring but also lower the cost of hiring and low employee turnover. It takes a couple of hours for the recruiters to set up the whole process. It is beneficial for hiring at the remote level.

4. Reduces the need to travel

Interviews can be sometimes expensive for some candidates because they have to travel from one place to another and sometimes from one city to another so it not only saves time but also saves money needed to travel.

5. Reduces the time in the recruitment process

Recruiters spend a lot of time communicating, organizing, scheduling, and executing the whole process. But with the pre-recorded video interviews you can do all things in one go means more in less amount of time.

6. Makes it relaxing and hustle free

Pre-recorded interviews eliminate stress in candidates who are giving the interview. They allow the candidates to take a rest and then record their answers 

Disadvantages of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

1. Access to limited information

The biggest disadvantage is that the recruiters are there with limited information about the candidates which they have answered in their questions. So the recruiters cannot ask a follow-up questions as in a live interview to know them better.

2. Not everyone is camera friendly

Not all candidates are well versed with the cameras. Some are shy because of this they cannot perform well in the interview which will end in rejection.

3. Can be dehumanizing for some candidates

Pre-recorded interviews can sometimes make the candidates dehumanized. They feel that this process is just for filtering down the candidates.

Final Thoughts

Pre-recorded interviews may seem quite different initially but it’s hustle free, easy, and much better than traditional interviews. It makes the recruitment process streamlined and helps the candidates to showcase their skills. 

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