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Parivartta Parsvakonasana: Method, Advantages, Disadvantages

by Shrishti khairwal
Method, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Parivritta Parsvkonasana

Parivartta Parsvakonasana is a special yoga posture, which not only gives you physical benefits, but adopting this yoga posture, mental health also improves. Parivartta Parsvakonasana is a Sanskrit word in which “Parivartta” means to turn or turn and “Parvshya” means to one side of the body. In English, it is known as Revolved Side Angle Pose. Practicing Parivartta Parsvakonasana regularly brings flexibility to the body as well as improves physical balance. Although it is an ancient yoga posture, with the passage of time and according to the requirements, some changes have been made in its posture. 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh also offers a great opportunity to people who want to teach Yoga in the future. Inflammation occurs, causing severe pain. 


Benefits of Parivartta Parsvakonasana:

If Parivartta Parsvakonasana is done with the right technique and taking care of special things, then many health benefits can be given from it –


1. Accelerates the digestive process, 

Stimulates the abdominal organs, which accelerates digestion and reduces the risk of problems like constipation.


2. Brings flexibility to the spine

Brings flexibility to the spine, which does not cause back pain and can reduce the risk of diseases like sciatica.


3. Improves Body Balance

Performing Parivartta Parsvakonasana efficiently improves body balance and also helps in maintaining the correct posture of the body.


4. Improves mental health

Improves mental health, due to which mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress start reducing as well as a person’s mood remains good throughout the day.

However, the health benefits of Parivartta Parsvakonasanamainly depend on the method of yoga asana and the health condition of the practitioner.


Method of Parivartta Parsvakonasana:

If you are going to practice Parivartta Parsvakonasana for the first time, then with the help of the following steps, you can make this yoga posture –


1 – First of all, lay a mat on flat ground and stand on it in Tadasana posture.

2 – Taking a deep breath, spread both legs and make a distance of about 4 feet between them.

3 – Rotate the right leg at an angle of 90 and the left at an angle of 60 degrees.

4 – Now bend the knee of the right ie next leg at an angle of 90 degrees and bring the thigh parallel to the ground

5 – Now join both hands and keeping the spine and neck straight, turn the torso to the right

6 – Try to keep your armpit as close to the thigh and knee of the right leg as possible

7 – In the meantime, bend the knee of the left leg and take it close to the ground.


Now keep the duration of this yoga posture according to your ability and then slowly come back to a normal state. If you have any questions related to Parivartta Parsvakonasana, then contact an experienced yoga instructor.


Precautions during Parivartta Parsvakonasana:

During Parivartta Parsvakonasana yoga posture, it is important to take special care of some things –


  • Warm up before practicing yoga with stretching exercises
  • Do not put too much stress on the neck and keep the spine straight as much as possible
  • Do not do any action by force or allow any shock
  • During this, if you feel any pain or tension, stop the mudra there.


When not to do Parivartta Parsvakonasana –

There are some health conditions during which a doctor’s permission should be taken before practicing Parivartta Parsvakonasana –


  • Pain or severe injury to any part of the body
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Respiratory or cardiovascular disease
  • Problems with physical balance (such as old age or disability)
  • Menstruation or pregnancy

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