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One Second Is All You Need to Book a Taxi Ride on Uber Clone

by Jillelliott
Uber Clone App

To book a taxi ride from one location to another, your customers only need to install the  Uber clone app. One app is enough to book a taxi ride, hire a fully chauffeured rental, and even schedule the ride. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true. This on-demand taxi booking app is made by integrating the most amazing features and services to help customers book a more convenient ride.

Well, let’s learn how to book a taxi using the Uber app clone.

Tap and Type to Book a Covid-19 Free Taxi Ride

If you’ve already installed the taxi booking app, good! Now, follow these simple steps to book a taxi ride.

  1. Register/login

Signing up for the app is the first step. Customers can register using their email address or phone number. Afterward, they can choose to log in using social media accounts like Google or Facebook. And if the customer wants, they can activate the smart login feature and choose Face ID (for iOS) and Fingerprint Scanning (for Android).

Therefore, the customers no longer need to remember their passwords and usernames.

  1. Book the trip

To book the trip on the Uber clone app, the customers now need to add their pickup location and destination. Besides adding the location, the customers also need to select the car type they want to book – basic, normal, or luxury.

  • The basic taxis are mini-cabs available at minimum rates.
  • Normal rides are spacious sedans that are available at a rate slightly higher than the basic rides.
  • Luxurious rides are where the customers pay a higher price to commute in a premium cab!

Remember that adding the destination is completely optional because the app provides the flexibility of choosing the destination later.

  1. Choose the payment option

After entering the details, the next important step is to select a preferred payment option. There are three options for customers – cash, in-app wallet, and credit card. In cash payment, the rider will hand over the hard cash to the driver. Whereas, the money is automatically deducted from the in-app wallet and credit card!

  1. The driver arrives

After choosing the payment option, the customers can send the ride request. All the nearby drivers are notified about the ride request. One that confirms the request soon arrives at the pickup location.

Thereafter, the driver has to enter the OTP sent to the user’s registered phone number and email. It is only after the driver enters the 4-digit code to the Uber clone app, can they begin the ride.

That’s how the customers can book a taxi ride! On top of that, to facilitate a convenient ride, the app also integrates a set of ultra-modern features.

Ultra-modern Features of Taxi Booking App

  1. Over the internet calling and texting

This feature lets the driver and the rider start calling and messaging each other as soon as the ride is confirmed. Such over-the-internet facilities keep the personal phone number hidden from the other party.

Therefore, if looked at from the security point of view, this is the best!

  1. Video calling

Besides placing voice calls and chatting via the app, the rider and driver can also use video calling to communicate. This feature helps the drivers and riders to remain connected over the call while looking for each other at the pickup location!

  1. Multiple stops over points

This taxi booking app lets the users add multiple stop-over points to eat, shop, or pause for a while. Customers can add these locations during the ride too. When they reach the stop, the driver will pause the trip.

Remember, that for a certain amount of time, the customers have to pay a waiting fee to the taxi driver.


Uber clone script is available at many online resources. However, you need to make sure that while choosing one of these, you have to be very careful. Check for the white-labeling firm’s experience, their client’s video testimonials, product, what they offer, etc.

Grab your chance to become a millionaire right away!

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