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NodeJs Development is gaining more traction in 2022

NodeJs Development

by Rosalind Desai
nodejs development

As per the survey report by indeed and Linkedin job offers we see that nodejs development is gaining more attraction. There has been a recent rise in the demand for node js developers across the globe. This rise can be due to the rise in the popularity of node js programming language. Nodejs development helps us in building robust, scalable, and user-friendly applications that can perform both front-end and back-end operations smoothly. In this blog we would learn what node js development is and know more about aplications and uses of node js. Many development companies are switching their technology to Node js. Node js developers can help us in developing web applications that can be used for performing different business operations. Not only this they can be integrated with data analytics which helps us understand market fluctuations and prepare plans for product development.

What do you understand by nodejs development?

Nodejs development is an engineering discipline where we build applications, software, or websites using the Node js framework. The nodejs was written in 2009 in the form of NPM also abbreviated for nodejs package manager. NPM is a default package manager for Javascript runtime node.js. Node js Development Company provides a wide range of services like node js web application development, node js application development, node js web development, and node js consulting services. Developers use an integrated development environment to write error-free node js codes and compile them efficiently.

Node js consultants can help us find a business opportunity for the implementation of a cost-effective strategy of node js development. This helps in the quick completion of development tasks. Node js developers can also use plugins, APIs, and useful resources from NPM for code reusability.

Uses and applications of Nodejs development

We can build many types of applications using Node js development. Using Node js development we can build standalone apps, customized apps, android apps, or IOS apps depending on the needs and requirements of the clients.

  • Real-time chat applications: – Firslty, chatbots are essential for answering questions from customers. Using Node js we can build real-time chat applications. It helps in passing useful information about the product and services of the company to customers.
  • Video streaming applications: – Secondly, Video streaming applications require less buffering and quick page load time. Node js framework can help us build fully responsive, fast streaming websites. We can upload and watch videos using these video streaming applications.
  • Business enterprise applications: – Thirdly, for an organization that has complex IT infrastructure, size, and composition, management becomes difficult. Node js application development can help us build enterprise mobility apps that can be a cost-effective solution for managing day-to-day business activities.


To sum up, Node js development can help us design and develop a professional website for business, applications for e-commerce business, and integrate data analytics tools with the admin panel which helps us in visualizing the data in the form of graphs or pictures. Additionally, Node js applications are lightweight, executes faster on a server, and is compatible with all browsers and operating system.

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