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Muslim Baby Girl Names

by nasir hussain
Muslim Baby Girl Names

Muslim baby girl names with their meanings. Congratulations, on your newborn baby girl in the world. A newborn baby girl is one of the most blessed gifts that Allah SWT bestows upon his servants. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said us to give a baby name. One of the most difficult decisions parents faces is choosing a baby name. Once you can choose will be forever so, taking some time and select the best name for your daughter. We have compiled a list of Muslim girl names, including over one thousand Muslim girl names with their great meanings.

After Christianity, Muslims are the second highest population in the world. Islam is growing faster than any other religion. The total Muslim population in the world is 1.8 billion and 24 percent of the whole world population. The majority of Muslim counties are Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Arab countries, African countries, European counties, and the American States. In these countries, Muslim people choose Islamic baby names.

The birth of a child brings joy to parents, not only parents but also to the whole family. After the newborn baby’s happiness whole family discussed and debated the baby’s name proposed. So, everybody suggests different types of names. Every parent has their own thoughts on choosing baby names. Many Muslim parents find Quranic and Sahabiat names for their baby girl and some parents choose a modern name that is a new trending name for girls. Also, many parents Muslim parents find past popular names for their newborn babies. Some parents choose unique single Muslim girl names and many parents choose two or three names as well. Click here for Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings.

Therefore, On behalf of Islamic relief, I give you many suggestions for you to choose a Muslim baby girl’s name. I have compiled a list of Muslim modern and unique names, new trending names, and Quranic names for girls. So, you can easily find according to your desired name for your newborn baby girl. I hope that you can find here your desirable name which sounds good and has a great meaning as well. Wish you the best of luck with the name and hope that you come again to my site in the future. At last pray for your newborn baby girl who grows fast, successful in life, strong, and healthy.  For more Muslim  Girl Names click here World Baby Names with Meanings.

Need your suggestion, if you choose any name of Muslim baby girl. If you have more baby names please mention them below comments.

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