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MBA In Operation Management, Online, Scope, semester

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mba in operation online

Everyone wants to be a powerholder in their field and enjoy the benefits of their hard work until they become a manager or get a hold of a higher position in their organization. An MBA in operation management helps you to achieve that goal. MBA in operation management takes 2 years to get complete with 4 semesters and each semester takes 6 months. We at the university of Mysore focused on teaching you about logistics, fundamental business, and operations.

Benefits of online mba program

The Program is specifically designed for practicing managers in large or small corporate entities, executives in public enterprises, and others in mid-managerial cadres. The UOM online MBA operations management program is a tightly scheduled and highly structured, student-centered program that aims at developing in the participants a thorough insight into both the conceptual basis as well as the practical skills involved in Management. The curriculum is based on feedback received from some of the best programs available. It aims to enrich and sharpen the managerial skills of participants, to keep them abreast with the latest in the world of business, and to help them appreciate and understand better the recent innovations in the discipline.

Online MBA in operation management

After the pandemic, everything has changed the way businesses are working and education is also changed. Within a year everything went online completely. We at the university of Mysore mold the higher management program for the student and other professionals who want to climb up the higher ranks in their field.

The online MBA in operations is available at the University of Mysore. Which is equally valid as an offline degree.

Every organization wants to hire a person with more knowledge in their academics and their experience as well so that revenue and the management flow run smoothly. With the help of an online operation management program achieving both things is so easy for anyone.

mba in operations management

We at the University of Mysore provide you with a personal advisor, LMS ( Learning Management System), a student portal, online study material in the form of E-books, and desktop support as well. In fact, you can decide the exam dates and give the exams when you are prepared for them.

There is also a unique and one-of-a-kind offer from our side: we have an Accelerated mode. In this mode, you will get the benefit of completing your degree in 16 months before the 2 years of the program’s actual timing.

Scope after MBA in operation Management.

In operation management employees have to look at all the operations which are running on a large scale as well on the day to day basis. The operation Management team and the personnel is the backbone of an organization because without them no one will look after the error and the ways to complete the operation on time.

The requirement for an employee who can run the operations and execute the organization’s planning and put ideas on the ground level will always be at the organization’s door.

In operation management, the work runs between the department, and the demand for an operation management candidate is always high. Planning, coordinating, and overseeing in the context of production, manufacturing, or delivering services are the main concerns of an MBA in operation management graduate.

What is the salary after MBA in operations management?

As is common knowledge, an MBA with a postgraduate degree will earn a respectable wage, and an MBA in operations management will earn much more. The starting wage is 7,00,000 INR per year. More than other MBA concentrations, in fact. An MBA in operations management receives a greater income than other degrees since they are more knowledgeable about all industries and are handling every ongoing activity in the company.

Benefits of MBA in operations management

The major benefit of the Mba in operation management is that you will get knowledge of every sector. Flexibility across occupations and industries is one of the biggest benefits of pursuing a career in operations and management. This indicates that earning an MBA in operations and management will need you to study every aspect of locating raw resources, manufacturing, and supplying that finished product to numerous clients. The percentage of job security in this field is out of the roof.

mba in operations management

Syllabus and semesters

Mba in operation management takes 2 years to be completed. It has 4 semesters and each semester takes 6 months to be completed.

Semester 1

  • Management Concepts & Theories
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Communication
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management

Semester 2

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Legal aspects of Business
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems

Semester 3

  • Elective – I – Decision Models and Optimization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Elective – II – Operations Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Project Work Diary
  • Summer Internship Report
  • Elective – III – Total Quality Management

Semester 4

  • Elective IV – Operations Research
  • Elective VII – Technology, Innovation & Production Management
  • Elective V- Production Planning and Control
  • Project Report
  • Project Viva-voce
  • Strategic Management
  • Elective VI – Supply Chain Management

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