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Light Curtains vs. Dark Curtains: Which One to Choose?

by galaxydesigns

Are you looking for bespoke window treatment solutions near long island? The home décor business is rampant and you may find it difficult to locate the best bedroom curtains or drapers for your house. The availability of innumerable curtain stores near long island doesn’t ensure the best purchase. Today curtains have become the pivotal part of the home décor ecosystem which is flooded with endless options. Whether it is a question of buying high-quality kitchen drapers or installing bedroom curtains in your cozy sleeping area, choosing the right curtain is still difficult for first-timers. This is where little fundamental knowledge of drapers can come as a great help. This write-up discusses the fundamental difference between light and dark curtains.

The right pair of curtains can turn your bland room into an alluring landscape. But what makes the ideal curtains? Here we are emphasizing tone and shade, Light vs dark shades; each rendering its distinctive advantages.

The shade you opt for will be influenced by personal taste and the room’s décor they are destined for, but other important things to consider are the size of the windows and how much light passes through those windows. Let’s drill down some pros and cons of light vs. dark shade curtain fabrics.

Light curtain benefits

  • Make the room visually spacious.
  • Light shaded curtain made of light fabric, which puddles on the floor beautifully.
  • Lighter shades can be dyed easily with different colors.

Dark curtain benefits

Dark-colored curtains are most suitable for high-ceilinged rooms or roomy interiors to give them a positive vibe. Use them to augment the appeal without altering the room setting too much; repeat the colors of the curtains in other areas to keep the room’s energy and feel intact. Dark curtains always remain indispensable to the window treatment.

  • Strike the right balance between romantic and relaxing
  • Dark curtains lend a sense of tranquility, elegance, and contrast to a room.
  • Dark curtains are ideal for the high-traffic area since they don’t reflect grime and dirt.
  • Dark-colored curtains complement light walls but do not go well with dark shade walls.
  • Dark shade doesn’t necessarily mean brown, black, or grey; dark curtains come in assortments of shades ranging from red to purple, green to orange, you name it.

How do Light and Dark curtains function?

A light-colored curtain is ideal for rooms that attract ample sunlight throughout the day. Dark shade tends to fade quickly. White shade curtains are good at keeping the room cooler by reflecting the sunlight away.

Dark curtains are easy to handle and clean since they attract less dirt and stain. They are primarily used to ensure better privacy. Heavy-fabric curtains are ideal for a north-facing room that experiences direct sunlight throughout the day. Similarly, rooms aligned in the east, west, and south direction can employ light shade curtains for ensuring a pleasant ambiance.


Keep the above points in mind before you rush to the curtain stores in long island. These points will help you make an informed purchase. Bedroom curtains can be relatively costly owing to their heavy fabrics. Similarly, the light curtain can be available at much cheaper prices.

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