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KTM RC 200 vs Yamaha MT 15: Which Bike is Right for You?

Ktm Rc 200 vs Yamaha MT 15

by salonichabbaria
KTM RC 200

Ktm Rc 200 vs Yamaha MT 15: Which Bike is Right for You?, Two of the most popular entry-level off-road motorcycle choices are the KTM RC 200 and Yamaha MT 15. Although these two bikes are quite different from one another, they each have their own pros and cons depending on your own personal preferences.

These motorcycles may look alike at first glance, but if you look closer, there are some features on the KTM RC 200 that make it stand out from the Yamaha MT 15. Let’s explore the major differences between these two entry-level Bikes so that you can make an informed buying decision!


Features of the KTM RC200


KTM RC 200


The Ktm rc200 has a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, dual-sport engine with fuel injection.

It has a combined power output of 21hp and 28Nm of torque.

The ktm rc200 has an electronic suspension adjustment system (ESA).

* The bike comes in three different colors. As the price goes up, so does the quality.

While not as expensive as some of the other bikes on this list, it’s still a significant investment for someone looking to buy their first motorcycle.

  • Speedometer-Digital
  • Tachometer-Digital
  • Tripmeter-Digital
  • Electric Start-Electric Start
  • Pillion seat-Yes
  • Stand warning/indicator (Stand Alarm)-Yes
  • Engine kill switch (Killswitch)-Yes
  • Clock-Yes
  • Headlight type-LED Headlamps
  • Tail light type (Brake/Tail Light)-LED Tail Lamp
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)   –
  • Traction Control –
  • Alloy wheels-Alloy
  • Handle type


Features of the Yamaha MT15


Yamaha Mt 15


The Yamaha MT-15 has a liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke engine. It produces a maximum power of 18 PS @ 10,000 RPM and a peak torque of 14 Nm @ 8,500 RPM.

The latest technology from the Yamaha MT 15 has been incorporated into the design to produce more power and better fuel efficiency.

The bike also comes with an LED headlight and DRLs as well as LED tail lights. It also features split seats that can be adjusted to suit the rider’s preference and a handlebar that can be raised or lowered according to personal needs.

The gearbox on this model is a six speed unit without a slipper clutch. Finally, it also has a lightweight steel frame and suspension setup that provides ample ground clearance for all types of terrain.


  • Speedometer-Digital
  • Tachometer-Digital
  • Tripmeter-Digital
  • Electric Start-Yes
  • Pillion seat-Yes
  • Stand warning/indicator (Stand Alarm)-No
  • Engine kill switch (Killswitch)-Yes
  • Clock-Yes
  • Headlight type-LED Headlight
  • Tail light type (Brake/Tail Light)-LED Taillight
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)   –
  • Traction Control                –
  • Alloy wheels-Alloy
  • Handle type – –
  • Pass Light-Yes


Advantages of each bike

The KTM RC200 has a powerful 199 cc engine that can reach speeds of up to 125 km/h. It has a front and rear disc brake and rear drum brakes.

The bike comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, an electric start and LED headlights. The seat height is 824  mm but can be lowered upto to 15 mm.

This bike also features a six-speed manual transmission with a slipper clutch, which helps improve shift quality in slippery conditions.

The Yamaha MT15 offers a light and nimble 155cc engine that will get you from 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph. It features 17-inch wheels, front and rear disc brakes, as well as rear drum brakes for excellent stopping power in any condition.

Adjustable suspension makes this bike suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces. With a seat height of 810 mm it’s perfect for riders at least 5’8′′ tall and above.


Picking the right bike for your needs

It can be hard to know which bike will suit you best, but there are a few things to consider. For example, what types of terrain are you most comfortable with?

If you plan on riding mostly paved roads, you might prefer the KTM RC200’s features. On the other hand, if you’re planning on doing little bit off-roading or in some rural areas, the Yamaha MT15 might be a better choice.

In addition, you should also think about how much experience you have with different types of bikes. If this is your first time buying a dirt bike.

it would probably be best to start out with something smaller and less expensive like the KTM RC200 or Yamaha MT15 However, if you already have some experience and want to move up in size and power, then go for Some Bigger Engine Bikes!

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