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Know The Benefits of Roll-Up Solar Shades for Your Commercial Business Facility

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Know The Benefits of Roll-Up Solar Shades for Your Commercial Business Facility

When it comes to establishing a business from scratch, there are many minute things you cannot compromise. From services and product offers to the space and ambiance where your business will inhabit. Whatever the type of your business, it’s crucial to think about the space’s comfort level in reference to the effects of the sunlight. Harsh rays of the sun can create a huge impact on your customer retention rate. After all, no one desire on visiting a place that is humid, hot, and uncomfortable.

Installing quality roll-up solar shades can increase comfort levels, employee satisfaction, and also patron loyalty. In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of solar shades in New York City for businesses and the solar shades provided by Stylish Window. We also offer interior solar shades, exterior solar shades, and solar screens that also provide insect protection. Before proceeding, if you want to buy quality solar shades and blinds for windows in NYC, we are here to help.

Amazing benefits of solar shades  

Roll-up sun shades for windows offer great benefits to any space, irrespective of the window’s location. Some of the general benefits include:

  • Heat control – It helps decrease the temperature and energy bills when you have less amount of sunlight entering through the windows.
  • Sun glare prevention – It helps keep the sunlight away from computer screens, TVs, and consumers’ or employees’ eyes for a comfortable work experience.
  • Lower energy costs – It helps keep the heat down and the cooling appliance’s bill from skyrocketing in the hot months of the summer.

Why solar shades are crucial for restaurants?

Whether you are a café owner or an evening dining hotspot, the harmful rays of sunlight can make or break your customer’s experience. No customer can enjoy a cup of coffee under the scorching heat of the sun. Choosing a quality solar shade can help your customers enjoy a cup of coffee while working on their computer/mobile screens. Also, installing a roll-up solar shade can allow you to control the amount of sunlight shining in your facility irrespective of the time of the day or weather.

At Stylish Window, we offer crank and pull chain sun shades for windows as well as motorized options irrespective of the standard and custom sizes. When you shop with us, you can choose from varied standard economical options as well as custom window shades.

Why install outdoor patio shades for the best customer experience?

Patio season is here and people are looking for comfortable patios for frequent hangouts. For restaurants with patios, solar sun shades and blinds for windows in NYC help create a comfortable temperature no matter how hot and sunny the weather is outside. Outdoor sun shades can get adjusted to help customers stay cool, keep them from squinting, and avoid a nasty sunburn for long hours. At Stylish Window, our solar shades are specially designed to ensure the outdoor elements get isolated including insect protection to beat the heat, wind, and mosquitos.

What are the benefits of solar shades in offices?

The comfort level of offices is a crucial element to consider, especially in hot weather. Sunlight shining onto computer screens or in the eyes of employees as they work hard to meet deadlines can decrease their work efficiency and overall morale. Installing sun shades for windows can help to prevent visual discomfort and hot temperature to win happy employees and lower energy costs.


So, if you are looking for quality window treatments, Stylish Window can help you get varied options irrespective of your budget, window size, window location, and fabric or materials. Look no further than our window treatment products for the best choice in town.

Browse our website for more options or connect with our best window treatment company in NYC and our experts shall guide you with the best options.

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