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Internet Service Provider: Complete Registration Procedure

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Internet Service Provider

How to apply for the Internet Service Provider License?

When it comes to ISP licenses, applying online is a possibility. This section answers your question about getting an Internet Service Provider license. The ISP License procedure in India, like any other government-oriented process, requires a critical eye for regulations. Which, in this case, means ISP License regulations.

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First Step: Applicant’s Eligibility 

To become eligible, you first must establish a private or a public limited company.

Second Step: Choose the License category

Check among the previous DOT ISP License list and see what category suits your goals and your budget.

Then On: Choose the TSP for Telecom Equipment resupply

Once you get in touch with such a service provider, you’d have to sign a DOT ISP license agreement with him. To get more information on that, check out our ISP License agreement format.

Fourth Step: Documentation 

Get ready with the required documents for the internet ISP License. It would not include the DOT ISP License agreement mentioned above, but it would contain the documents.

Fifth Step: ISP License application Filing

Once you’ve gathered all the required information and documents for your application process, you can proceed with submitting the following:

Sixth Step: Application Assessment by the DoT

Once the department receives the document, the application will begin being assessed. At this stage, it’s decided whether your application will make it to the ISP license list. At this stage, our experts repeatedly check the state of the application. They know how to check ISP licenses in India.

Seventh Step: Letter of Intent

Once your application is accepted, even the Internet Service Provider license agreement, the department will send you the Letter of Intent. At this stage, you’ll have to pay the Bank Guarantees depending on your license. Once you do, send the ISP Bank Guarantee to the department. In addition, the ISP bank guarantee format can’t be anything. You have to stick to the format prescribed.

Final Step: Grant of Internet Service Provider License 

Once your Letter of intent is duly submitted, You’ll receive the ISP License DoT. 

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ISP License Application Attachments 

In this section, we will dive deep into the ISP License requirements. They are mandatory documents for an ISP license to carry your internet service, providing business in peace, so let us look at them in the following pointers:

  • Duly filled ISP License Application Form 

One ISP License form application has to be filed and submitted to the DoT, and another has to be kept for receiving purposes. Don’t read the DoT ISP guidelines as you fill out the application.

  • Applicant’s Incorporation Certificate

The main eligibility criterion for starting an ISP is registering a company.

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MoA & AoA)

In the former document, it should be also specified that becoming an internet service provider is your company’s object.

  • ISP License Processing Fee Receipt 

The fee receipt varies for each category. It will be the least for ISP license category C fees but most for category A ISP.

  • Power of Attorney of the ISP Licensee

You delegate the task of filing the ISP license application to us through this document. Furthermore, it allows us to monitor ISP license status and sort out any issues with the TRAI ISP License.

  • Directors/Promoters/Shareholders Details

You must provide all the details on how the DoT intended to get the UL ISP License. In this case, you must create a technical document that acts as an information sheet for all the directors, promoters and shareholders.

  • TED Certificate (Total Equity Detail)

The document, above all, proves that you’re financially capable of handling your business as an Internet Service Provider. 

  • FEA Certificate (Foreign Equity Approval) 

If your company’s Foreign Direct Investment or FDI exceeds 49 per cent, then you must attach the foreign equity approval certificate along with the application.

  • Address Proof of the ISP Office

Lastly, provide the address of the registered office of your ISP company.

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  • Company’s Board Resolution for Auditor Appointment 

You’d have to appoint a statutory auditor responsible for auditing the balance sheets of your ISP company, therefore, attach the documents regarding that as well.

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