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How To Use Ubersuggest For SEO

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ubersuggest for seo

The digital world has turned out to be very competitive as many businesses put all their effort and creativity into pulling more customers to their websites. Your website serves as your company’s online identity. So, to stand out from the crowd and rank organically in search engines, you must have the right SE0 tool that guides you with cutting-edge solutions. There are many tools for SE0 purposes, but Ubersuggest is different and has created quite a stir among SE0 experts United states and digital marketing specialists. Unlike other SEO tools, Ubersuggest offers numerous benefits, such as one of the largest keyword databases and millions of content ideas that will allow you to understand your competitors’ SEO strategies and fix errors that may prevent your website from standing out. So let’s learn more about it in this blog.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an online SE0 research tool with an extensive database of keywords and content ideas, competitor analysis, and backlink statistics that will help your brand build the right strategy to make your business stand out on the internet. Ubersuggest was founded as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms, but it was recently acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has since significantly expanded the feature set. It will allow you to achieve Position Zero, also known as Featured Snippets, which is what every business strives to be in the digital world.

Ubersuggest is so simple that even a beginner or someone with little knowledge of SE0 can use it easily. Brands and other marketing specialists adore Ubersuggest for its free features, providing users with numerous options for developing their business strategy. They also offer premium features tailored to individuals, businesses, and enterprises or agencies, allowing you to manage up to eight websites in one tool, which is 90 per cent less expensive than other SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz.


How to use Ubersuggest for SEO blogs:


Go to the UberSuggest dashboard and sign up for a free account. You can see a preview of your project and all the insights in the dashboard. Following that, click the “Add The First Project” button. Then, include the URL and the name of your website. Then, choose the primary country or city where your company is headquartered. Now you will be able to login into the main dashboard.

Rank monitoring:

With Ubersuggest’s rank tracking feature, you can audit your site for SEO issues and receive detailed instructions on how to fix them. You can use this feature to:

  • Get a snapshot of your SEO health.
  • Discover the SEO issues that are affecting the traffic to your website.
  • Fix your SEO issues with simple instructions.
  • Check to see if your site’s speed meets Google’s requirements.

Side audit:

This gives you a high-level overview of your website or URL and the technical issues you should address to improve its SEO. You can use this feature to

  • Monitor and improve your rankings.
  • Get daily updates on how you’re doing.
  • Receive notifications about critical issues on your website.
  • Keep track of your SEO health.

Chrome extension:

This is a promotional page for Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension, which provides keywords and other SEO data while you browse the web. You can use this feature to:

Get keyword insights for Google, YouTube, and Amazon search results.

  • Analytics for paid and organic traffic
  • Numbers for mobile and desktop searches
  • Suggestions for related keywords

Examine SEO data from any website you visit.

  • Overview of traffic
  • Backlinks from Domain Authority
  • Based on your Ubersuggest plan, you can conduct 40-900 searches per day.


Then there’s a keyword option with six different tools to choose from. This feature will assist you in understanding the search volume for keywords, generate new rankings, competitor websites, and content ideas relevant to your business, and develop a list of keywords that will increase traffic.

You can use this feature to:

  • Traffic volume – determine the number of buyers who searched for these keywords.
  • Trends – examine how search volume has changed over time.
  • Difficulty – look for keywords that are simple to rank for.



While this tool can be used on your site, it is beneficial when used on a competitor’s site. You’ll find the pages generating a lot of traffic for a competitor, and you can then investigate the page to see what’s working. Analyzing a competitor’s content is similar to having a template for your site. You can use this feature to:

  • View estimates of your competitors’ monthly search traffic over time.
  • Top Keywords – View the keywords that your competitors are using.
  • Total Pages – obtain a list of your competitors’ most popular pages.



Examine the backlinks that are driving your competitors’ rankings.

  • Referring domains – discover which websites are linking to your competitors.
  • Backlinks-discover the backlinks that your competitors have created.
  •  Link history enables you to monitor your competitors’ link-building efforts over time.

To summarize:

Ubersuggest is a one-stop solution and also no 1 tool trusted by digital marketing agency in united states for all of your SE0 requirements. They reveal information about your competitors and the strategies they have used to increase traffic to their websites. These insights can significantly assist you in developing an action plan that will help escalate your website’s ranking on search engines over time.


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