Airline pet travel

by Deeksha

Airline pet travel, whether in-cabin or cargo, is often the best (or the only) option even if it may seem stressful to a concerned pet owner. All pets—dogs, cats, and others—arrive at their destination as quickly and securely as they can. It should be mentioned that every year, millions of animals fly in safety. The airline staff goes to great lengths to treat these creatures with the respect they deserve.

One of the few airlines in India that allows dogs on flights just charges for the weight of the cage, similar to how you would for additional baggage. AirIndia is one of these rare airlines.

Whether your dog is a little puppy or a big dog, AirIndia provides a way for you to travel with them.

You should be permitted to bring your smaller dog or cat inside the cabin with you if it weighs under 13 pounds and measures 12 inches from the floor to the front shoulder. Always inquire about the measurements beneath the seat in front of you with the airline. There must be an airline compatible carrier. It must have ventilation on all sides, a waterproof bottom, and reliable fastening (zippers).

Before you travel:

  • Think well- It’s not as difficult and costly to fly with a dog as you probably think. But it’s also not as simple and inexpensive as going alone. Therefore, make sure you have all the facts you need before making a choice.
  • Collect Information- Examine all the country’s pet transportation laws before you take your dog there and compare different airline.
  • Visit your vet- Once you have gathered all the data, schedule a meeting with your veterinarian well in advance to discuss the vaccinations, paperwork, and any health-related matters. To make sure you adhere to all hygienic laws, read this article.
  • Purchase a travel container- Unfortunately, even if you purchase a ticket for your dog, he cannot sit next to you on the aeroplane. The one exemption is when using a private aircraft. If not, you must purchase a travel container so that he may either fly in the hold or the cabin. IATA-certified shopping cages are something I highly recommend (International Air Transport Association).
  • Book your tickets- It’s time to purchase your ticket! Remember that your dog will spend longer in his container than the length of the journey. You should allow 2 hours between check-in and boarding, as well as at least 30-45 minutes till he reaches the baggage claim for big items.

Although each airline has its unique pet policy, one thing never changes. Before making a reservation, you should phone the airline and let them know you are bringing a pet. Only a specific number of pets are typically allowed in the cabin by airlines.

The fee of bringing your pet inside the cabin with you will also apply. Contact your airline’s cargo department if your pet is flying alone.

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