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How to Start Your Residential Moving Process

by jackreacher101
Residential moving

Residential moving is one of the stressful events after divorce and bereavement. It is therefore important to plan your move properly. You must prepare for moving.

It will make the move a pleasant experience by organizing everything in advance and arriving prepared at the move-in.


Prepare for Move

You don’t move out overnight. However, it is possible to get organized much sooner if you decide to do so. How long do you need to plan for your move?

Experts recommend that you contact a specialist moving company at least two months before the move. They will be able to help you and offer valuable advice. Also, if you are in Canada you may want to know about the cheapest way to move stuff across Canada.


The Inspection

An inspection is an important part of the move. A specialized technician will schedule an appointment to inspect your home.

The company will be able to give you an estimate of the boxes needed, as well as which pieces of furniture need to go. The inspection will allow the company to determine what you need to do and send a team to your house on the day of the move.


The Checklist

A checklist is a detailed and organized list of all the items you need to move. This should be done about a month before the move. He begins to sort through everything and decide which items should be moved to the new house.

his is known as Decluttering. It is important. Once you’ve decided what you want to move, organize the items based on your rooms. This will allow you to determine the number of boxes you will need.



After you receive the boxes from the company you can begin to pack your items. You will need to place clothes, books, and other furnishings inside the boxes. This is not the case with furniture that has been disassembled and packed by the company.

This will make it easy for skilled workers to identify the room in which the packages will be unloaded. This organization assists both the movers and the unpackers during the transport phase.


The Kit for the First Night

It is important to prepare the kit for your first night a few days before the move. You will need to pack some clothes, towels, shampoo, toilet paper, tablecloths, and medications.

Although it may seem insignificant, I promise you that once you arrive at your new place on the first night, you will need the kit.


Inform about your moving to relevant people

There are some things you need to do when you move to a new place. You must first notify your service providers about the transfer to get clarifications on the process to disconnect electricity, gas, and water. Also, do you know how long will moving companies store your stuff?

The municipality will need to approve the change of residence. You will also have to return the keys to your old house and mailbox. These steps can cause problems after the move. I advise you to be very careful.


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