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How to Safely Clean a Firearm

by lizzieweakley

No matter what type of firearm you have, it is important that it be cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will this keep your gun looking great, but it will also ensure it functions as expected when being fired. To make sure an unexpected accident does not occur, here are the steps you should always take to safely clean your firearm.


Make Sure it’s Unloaded

First and foremost, always verify in every way possible that your firearm is unloaded before you begin cleaning. If you have an automatic or semi-automatic firearm, always start by removing the magazine. Should your gun not be automatic or semi-automatic, always check the cylinder to make sure no bullets are left inside. No matter the type of gun you are cleaning, conduct a visual inspection, feel around for any hidden bullets, and never rely exclusively on your gun’s safety feature.


Remove the Slide from the Frame

If you have a semi-automatic firearm, your next step will be to remove the slide from the frame. When doing so, set aside small parts such as bushings and springs to ensure they don’t get lost during the cleaning. When ready, take a small utility brush and remove dirt or particles from the slide, frame, cylinder, and chambers. For your gun’s barrel, apply some bore cleaner to a rag and wipe it off, then make sure it is completely dry before reassembly.


Buy a Booster

Gun boosters function as an extension to the gun, so that you can easily fit a cleaning rod inside. These are especially useful with rifles. If you’re finding you don’t have the necessary room to clean your barrel, consider getting a booster. Online shops like Solvent Traps Direct can provide you with this tool.


Lubricate the Moving Parts

Next, you will want to lubricate the moving parts of your firearm before you put it back together. When doing so, apply lubricant to the outside surface of your gun’s barrel, the rails and springs, and any guides or other metal-on-metal surfaces. Unless you will be storing your gun for an extended period of time, don’t lubricate the inside of your gun’s barrel. Otherwise, you may experience a pressure buildup when firing your gun, which can result in misfires or life-threatening failures.


Wipe and Wax

Your last step in cleaning before you reassemble everything will be to wipe down all components of your gun to make sure nothing has been left wet. This will remove excess oil, moisture, and fingerprints. To give your gun a great shine, use special wax-treated gun cloths.

Safety is important! Make sure to use precaution when handling and cleaning your weapon. Once you’ve completed each of these steps, you can reassemble your gun and know you’ve got a firearm that not only looks brand new, but can also be counted on to perform as expected when being fired.

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