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How to Paraphrase Step-by-Step Guide.

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Paraphrasing is the process of paraphrasing someone else’s written or spoken words in your own way. Paraphrasing s about changing words in context in a way that preserves the original meaning.

Paraphrasing has major applications in the fields of academic and web content writing. If you want to learn how to paraphrase effectively, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about paraphrasing and a step-by-step guide you can use to paraphrase any piece of content.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves restating the content of the source using different words, phrases and writing styles. Correct paraphrasing requires you to read and understand the central idea of ​​the content correctly.

Once you have it down, you can use your own writing style to present the same idea. If you find it difficult to paraphrase content manually, you can use this paraphrasing tool to automate the process.

Still, paraphrasing is an important skill to learn that can go a long way. In this article, we’ll walk you through some basic steps you can use to paraphrase a piece of content you want to paraphrase.

How to Paraphrase Step-By-Step

How to Paraphrase Step-by-Step Guide and Examples are discussed below; all you need to do is keep calm and read till the end.

Step 1: Read and Understand the Source Text

You must have a clear understanding of the concept at hand before paraphrasing it. You can’t paraphrase well if you don’t know the meaning of the content.
Paraphrasing is about changing the words in context, but the meaning should remain the same. And if your paraphrased content conveys a different meaning than the source, then it’s not paraphrasing.
Therefore, you need to sit down with the content, read it aloud, and understand what the source is.
Once you have a clear idea about the intent of the content, you can go ahead and start working on paraphrasing it.

Step 2: Highlight Important Points

When you read the content, it is better to highlight the important points of the content. If you are reading on paper, you can try using a highlighter to highlight important points.
If you use Microsoft Word or some other word processor, you can use the highlighted text features. What this does is, it helps you understand the exact points you need to cover in the paraphrased version.


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Step 3: Replace the Words with Their Synonyms

The most basic approach when protecting a piece of content involves replacing words with their synonyms. You can use an online dictionary or thesaurus for that purpose.
You start by changing the most important keywords in the content. Some synonyms may require you to change the sentence slightly to accommodate the changed words.
When using synonyms, you need to choose words that fit well with the meaning and tone of the content. Also, try to use simple words that the common audience understands. Using too many complex words will only make things difficult for readers.
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