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How to Optimize Images for Web and Performance

by rsneha
How to Optimize Images for Web and Performance

When images are uploaded to a website without being optimized or compressed, they may take up a large amount of storage space on the device and may also increase the loading time of the website. Images can be easily optimized by using online image optimization tools that reduce image size without sacrificing quality.

JPG, JPEG, SVG, PNG, WEBP, Heic, GIF, and other image file formats are optimized by the image optimizer. Upload the images quickly, check the percentage of size saved, and download the images once the optimization is complete. Every image file that is provided will be examined using jpeg encoding technology without the quality, width, or height of the photographs being compromised.

The image optimizer can be helpful for the numerous fan pages on social media platforms that post photos of their favorite celebrities on their accounts in order to optimize the photographs for faster uploads and to make it easier for users to download their posted photos.

What does image optimization mean?

Big images may take up more storage space on a device and add loading time to a page. As a result, image optimization is done to lower the size of the photographs, which makes it easier and faster to upload, download, and save images to a device while also requiring less storage. The SEO rating of your website might be improved if optimized photos are used on it.

Steps for Image Web and Performance Optimization
1. In your browser, go to the jpeg compress website.
2. It supports several picture file types and has the capacity to optimize up to 20 images at once and a maximum of 10 MB.
3. Click the Select Files button, drag and drop an image or images to the drop area, or use Ctrl V to paste the images from the clipboard to upload the images for optimization.
4. By selecting the Compare option after the optimization of the photographs is finished, you can compare the images before and after.
5. Clicking the Download button makes it simple to download the optimized photos.

Finishing this blog
When using photos for your website, they should be optimized to improve the functionality of your website. Image optimization is crucial for preserving storage on your device.

The ideal platform for 2022 is jpegcompress.com, where you can conduct as much unlimited picture optimization as you desire. You don’t have to pay anything to use it, and there are no fees associated with optimizing photographs.

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