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How to Add and Edit PDF Text with an Ultimate PDF Editor

How to Add and Edit PDF Text with an Ultimate PDF Editor

by mrrabiareja
How to Add and Edit PDF Text with an Ultimate PDF Editor

PDF is the most frequently used format these days. This is because it is lightweight and easy to use. Students use it for notes – and entrepreneurs use it for business purposes. We remember the times when editing a PDF file used to be a pain, but thanks to the amazing editors that allow us to add or remove text easily.

Editing PDF text is quite important particularly when you’re using it to take notes or to add things to a document that you wish to keep. Let’s talk about the best PDF editor – UPDF that makes things easier for you.

Part 1. The Best and Ultimate PDF Editor – UPDF

UPDF is an ultimate PDF editor that allows you to view, edit, annotate, protect, convert, CROP and organize PDF files with ease. Let’s now talk about the capabilities that UPDF offers and how you may make the most of them to your benefit.

Software such as UPDF is necessary in order to manage everything in the proper manner. The following main characteristics of UPDF are ones that you are going to appreciate using:

 Edit PDF Files

You can easily edit text, images, and links in PDF files with UPDF. It is available to modify text, font, color, size, bold, alignment and so on. For editing image, you can crop, rotate, extract, replace, remove images quickly. You can also add images to PDF files effortlessly with UPDF.

Convert PDF to Many Other Formats

UPDF allows you convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, Image, Text, RTF, HTML, and so on. It also can help you convert scanned PDF into editable formats with OCR. The free version can allow you to convert 5 PDF files without limits.

Organize PDF Pages Quickly

UPDF PDF Editor’s organizing feature makes it easy to rearrange your PDF files, which brings us to our fourth and last suggestion: organize your documents. If a document contains graphs or infographics, the author is free to rearrange them or even eliminate them entirely.

Any sequence the author chooses is OK for the pages to be in. The writers may also use odd and even page numbers to organize their works. You may flip the pages to see them in landscape mode if you want. You may also delete, add, or rearrange pages in PDF.

Annotate PDF

Highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, and squiggly lines are the basic tools for annotation in UPDF. More than that, you have the freedom to add comments to PDF by Sticky Notes, Text Comments, Text Boxes. Also you can draw on PDF by adding shapes to PDF files with ease

Part 2. How to Add and Edit PDF Text with UPDF?

You can navigate the directions that are provided below without any problems if you wish to add new words or sentences to the PDF. The first thing you need to do is touch the “Open File” button on the UPDF interface in order to upload the PDF.

  1. Add Text to PDF
  • From the main menu, pick the Edit option on the left toolbar, and then press the “Text”
  • Click where you want the new text to be put, and then either write it in or paste it from another location.

Utilizing the comment tool is the second method for including new text in existing PDF files or adding new text to existing PDF files. Using this approach, you will be able to add a text box to a PDF document and use it as a remark.

  • To access the annotation mode, go to the “Comment” option located on the toolbar’s left side.
  • You have the option of adding plain text (typewriter) or a text box to PDF documents if you click on any of the ‘T’ icons.
  • Then click where you want to add new text and enter the text.

Using this Edit mode you can modify the font sizes, style, and color in no time. It allows you to work on every attribute of the fonts and customize it according to your requirements. Now, you have completed the text editing in the PDF with the help of UPDF.

The entire process is simple and less time-consuming. Only a few clicks are sufficient to make necessary changes to the text fonts in PDF. On Windows as well as Mac, you may use one of these two techniques to add text to a PDF file.

When you download and install UPDF on your own computer running Windows or macOS, then log in to activate it, all of the program’s capabilities are immediately accessible.

Part 3. Conclusion

UPDF is an editor for PDF files that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. It is also imaginative, helpful, and amusing. There are no limitations on either the amount of time or the file size when you using UPDF.

With UPDF, you can quickly browse, edit, annotate, and organize PDF files on your computer. Text and images inside a PDF file may be edited, added to, or deleted with relative ease. So if you need to process many PDF files every day, just try UPDF!

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